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I was born in Barcelona and have lived in the UK for many years now. I'm a writer, translator (English-Spanish and vice-versa) and I'm a medical doctor and worked in Forensic Psychiatry many years. I also have a BA and a PhD in American Literature and Film, and a Masters in Criminology. I've always loved books and apart from writing them I review them often. I write a bit of everything, check my books for more information and my about page for links. My blog is bilingual, English and Spanish.

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  1. What a lovely review, Olga. I’m sure Sally will be delighted.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I love Sally’s stories and the book is wonderful. Have a lovely 2019!

    1. Thanks, Robbie. Sally’s stories never fail to delight. As do yours. All the best. ♥

  2. Thank you again Olga… so pleased you enjoyed and thank you for mentioning the Spanish version too. I loved writing this book..a chance for some whimsy… hugsx

    1. Reading it gives the rest of us a chance for some whimsy too. Lovely. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading and translating the first book too. I hope we get to read many more adventures of this wonderful kingdom. Thanks, Sally! ♥

  3. Always a delight to see the lovely Sally featured anywhere. As well as her great writing, she is the consummate blogger; kind, engaging, helpful, and generous.
    I wish her huge success with the book.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks, Pete. You are absolutely right. Have a great Tuesday!

  4. A marvelous review, Olga. You know how scarce my reading time is, but I can’t wait to spend some whimsical hours absorbed in Sally’s stories. The illustrations are beautiful too. Hugs all around.

    1. You’ll love it, I’m sure. I kept thinking about your stories, particularly when I was reading about the pig race! ♥

      1. I can see how that would remind you, Olga. 😉 Thank you. I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Hugs on the wing!

        1. Thanks, Teagan. I must say any time I see or hear about piglets, I think of your book! 😉 Have a lovely weekend and keep making steady progress. ♥

  5. Those illustrations would be lovely as a coloring book! Love Sally and her work. Congrats on a wonderful review!

    1. Thanks, Jacquie! Excellent idea! I was thinking they would look lovely framed as well. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  6. Such a lovely review, Olga. Thanks so much for sharing. Bravo to Sally! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Natalie. A lovely book. ♥

  7. Vashti Q says:

    This book reads enchanting, Olga. Great review! I’m definitely a child at heart. I love the illustration too. Thank you for sharing this book with us. <3 xo

    1. Thanks, Vashti. I’ve long been a fan of Sally and her stories, and this one is delightful. Sally was kind enough to allow me to share one of the fabulous illustrations. I have a soft spot for donkeys so… Jeremy it had to be! ♥

      1. Vashti Q says:

        Sally’s writing is wonderful. That’s a great illustration and the donkey looks adorable. The book is in my kindle. Thank you for sharing. 😀 xo

        1. I’m sure you’ll love it, Vashti! ♥

  8. A lovely review of Sally’s latest, Olga. Her stories indeed restore a sense of wonder and the illustrations are just as fabulous. Thanks for sharing your enjoyment. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I know we share the same opinion on Sally’s writing and her wonderful blog!

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