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I was born in Barcelona and have lived in the UK for many years now. I'm a writer, translator (English-Spanish and vice-versa) and I'm a medical doctor and worked in Forensic Psychiatry many years. I also have a BA and a PhD in American Literature and Film, and a Masters in Criminology. I've always loved books and apart from writing them I review them often. I write a bit of everything, check my books for more information and my about page for links. My blog is bilingual, English and Spanish.

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  1. dgkaye says:

    Wow! Thank you so much Olga for reading my little memoir and giving it such a wonderful description and review. I hope you had a few chuckles. <3 I will be reblogging this on the weekend. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debby. Yes, it was great fun. Yesterday I was reading changes to policies on what you can take as cabin luggage and it’s getting very complicated (depending on where you’re going you can’t take your computer). Perhaps long-distance cruisers will become the thing, or we’ll have to buy our own planes. For some reason your comment ended up in Spam… There’s a conspiracy going on!

      1. dgkaye says:

        OH, now I’m in spam 🙁 The gremlins are always at work it seems. But you are so right, as I wrote in my travel post upon my vacation here to Arizona, it is indeed difficult and confusing to fly now for the average person, let alone a senior citizen. And watching the news here, I believe that new laptop rule is geared toward specific countries because of an intelligence found threat coming from certain countries where bombs are being made for batteries, undetectable by metal. Such a sorry state. Yes, perhaps someone could capitalize on private flights! 🙂

        1. You’re right, Debby. I’m not sure I’d be able to travel if I had to take my computer behind, but yes, it looks as if eventually we won’t be able to go anywhere. Of course that doesn’t help safety anywhere else…

          1. dgkaye says:

            No Olga, it’s really a royal mess. 🙁

          2. I don’t have an answer, for sure, but there must be a limit to how much security can be tightened up.

          3. dgkaye says:

            That I’ll agree with you on.

  2. Terrific review, Olga. I like your reflections on your own travelling experiences; they draw the reader in 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Tina. Debby’s book is a caution. I’m travelling again (my usual) next month and when I started reading the changes to what one can take on the flight… It’s getting very complicated, especially depending on where you’re travelling to or from.

      1. You’re welcome, Olga. I’m hoping to attend the Bloggers Bash in London but haven’t flown for years. I’m not looking forward to the complexities. The good news is that I might be travelling with Debby ~ my very own travel manager! Hugs ♥

        1. Sounds good! I’m not sure at the moment if I’ll be able to make it or not but let’s hope!

          1. I hope you can, Olga. I would very much like to give you a hug ♥

          2. That’s a great reason to try and make it. I’m part of a project with a group of Spanish writers and we’re trying to organise a few events. It’s a lot of work, especially when I’m far away, so it might depend on how the timetable works. But I expect it will be great!

  3. Oh, Debbie is so lovely. Wonderful that you featured her, Olga

    1. Thanks, Erika. How weird, your comment also went to Spam and so many others haven’t. I wonder if they’ve changed something in WordPress.

      1. I don’t know… There are periods when I end up there and then again it goes well for a while. I have to check my spam folder again. I always find friends in there. It is strange!

        1. I think it’s probably wordpress changing something. I thought I had seen the notifications via e-mail but couldn’t see the comments… Weird. I’m sure it’s nothing to do with you.

          1. I think so too! Because also other lovely bloggers end up in spam time and time again. So, let’s simply keep up releasing each other… lol! Thank you btw.

          2. Thank you!

  4. I can relate to Debby’s dilemma. I used to take far too much, at least in the ‘old days’ when there was little restriction on luggage. I generally ended up bringing home 50% of the stuff without ever wearing it.
    I have solved that problem now, as I never go anywhere!
    Good luck to Debby with the book. I hope it does very well.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks, Pete. I also do the same but I’m getting better at it (or rather, I’m staying longer than planned in most places, so eventually I end up wearing everything out of sheer need). I’d love to be able to travel without worrying about packing or restrictions… Have a great day.

  5. I have this on my kindle and am looking forward to reading it. I’m going to zoom it up the tbr pile.

    1. It’s very short, Mary. It was finished before I even realised!

  6. Sounds like a lovely, amusing book, Olga. Super review.

    1. Thanks, Robbie! It’s a great little book!

  7. Wonderful review Olga, thank you! I need to take a page out of Debby’s book…and a new suitcase! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean, Sherri!

  8. Just in time for summer travel – tips and stories for vacationers. Can’t wait to pack this book and read it on my next trip, which luckily is real soon. Congrats, Debby. Thanks, Olga for the feature.

    1. Thanks, Ann. I hope you have a great holiday and don’t forget to pack plenty of books (this one is really short and fun). I hope Debby keeps sharing her anecdotes with us!

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