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#Fitness YouTube sites. Keeping fit doesn’t have to be expensive. A non-fiction project.

Hi all:

You might remember that a while back I mentioned I was thinking about writing a non-fiction book sharing some of my thoughts on living alone. Here is that post. I must confess that between one thing and another I haven’t had much chance to work or even think about it (I’ve written some notes, but that’s about it) but a few days ago I decided to make a list of some of the YouTube sites I use that share fitness tips and workout videos.

I used to go to the gym and I’d been going for many years. Then when I decided to leave my job and explore other options (that didn’t go quite as planned, but when does anything?) I thought I might be better off finding other options to keep fit, as I might be travelling and not be able to find a gym conveniently located at all times. I must admit I might go for a run every so often but I don’t enjoy it that much.  Cutting out on expenses was also important not having regular employment (and no, don’t ask, I spend more money than I make with the books, so…), so I started exploring YouTube workout channels. And I think I’m probably fitter than I was before, or equally fit, and have tried a big variety of things. One doesn’t need a lot of equipment and if nothing else it can be handy if you’re away from your usual gym or you fancy trying something new.

So, here is my list:

General workout websites

These websites share videos with a variety of workouts, in general. You might want to check through their old videos as you’re bound to find something to suit your taste. And it’s always worth trying something new, even if only to discover it not for you.

The Body Coach TV. I discovered The Body Coach through a blog post. He’s British and has videos on food, books, cookery books, he’s been on TV, etc. His workouts are short or shortish (around 20 minutes or 30 minutes the longest one) and always HIIT style (High Intensity Interval Training. Quick intervals of exercising, mostly cardio but not only, followed by shorter intervals of rest, to increase the heart rate. Scientific studies indicate that is a good way of keeping fit and more effective than longer workouts where there is no change in intensity. Tabata workouts are intervals of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, whilst others are just called HIIT). He’s very down to earth and his exercises aren’t complicated although require stamina for sure.

K’s Perfect Fitness TV: Short workouts, normally focused on working one area in specific. Soothing voice and many are pilates based.

Shelly Dose: I found Shelly about a year ago and she’s fabulous. She is very enthusiastic and motivating; she creates her own workouts and shares them on Mondays without a fault. Most of them are around half an hour long and they vary (usually HIIT format). She might use just body weight, or weights, do boxercise or kickboxing, fitball… And if you leave her a comment she replies. She’s high intensity but her exercises are not super complicated. Give them a go.

Mike Donavanik: Mike is a fun guy. If you go for personalities, he’s another one worth a follow. His workouts in general are short but high intensity (10 to 15 minutes) although he sometimes does some fabulous mashups where he joins several of his workouts, and then they might be as long as one hour (and if you survive them, you know you’re fit). Like Shelly he varies his programmes, with some where he uses bodyweight only, some that use weights, kettlebells, steps… He also replies to all comments and he’s good fun.

Jessica Smith TV: Jessica (and don’t miss her dog Peanut, a star… And Jessica’s Mom) has a very complete channel. She is a professional and has been working in fitness for a long time and has developed many different programmes (that you can also buy in her own website and check in her channel. They are also available in Amazon and other places). She is fantastic at giving detailed instructions and she caters for different levels of ability and fitness. She has great walking workouts, a whole series (and even a playlist. I recommend subscribing to her newsletter, as she sends regular updates on new programmes, and midweek motivational e-mails), but also pilates, kickboxing, yoga, stretching… She also does series that are worth following in full, when for one week or even a month she will share regular videos, perhaps only five minutes, or fifteen minutes. Her videos vary in length, and whatever time you have and however fit you are, she has something for you. She’s on the sedate and calm spectrum (in case you don’t go for the rise & shine approach to fitness or the Mr Motivator one). But, don’t let her gentle manner catch you unawares, I always end up sweating with her workouts.

Blogilates: Cassy is great. It took me a while to realise that all her chatting is a way to make people forget they are working hard. She’s bubbly, kind and encouraging and her attitude to exercise is fantastic (enjoy the body you have and work to be happy and fit, not to look like a stick or a magazine cover). She does her own version of pilates, has an App, and has been a guest in some of the bigger channels. Her videos are usually short, and might appear sweet, but again you won’t know what’s hit you until the next day. She also shares general advice, motivational videos, food and diet videos…

GymRa: A more traditional approach to fitness. They have different trainers and all kind of videos, from dance to HIIT, to pilates, to routines for legs, arms… You might find trainers you like more than others and there are videos for different levels of fitness.

GymRa Plus: For a while sometimes GymRa would only post a part of a video and then post the complete video here. I don’t think they’re doing that any more, but if you want to check some of the old videos you might want to keep that in mind.

POPSUGAR Fitness: This is a great channel with a variety of routines. Anna is a great coach, very enthusiastic, and she always finds trainers that come and provide tasters of popular programmes. There’s also an App (pretty good) and they have a blog where they share information on a variety of things, from fashion, to diet. The workouts go from 40 or 45 minutes kickboxing routines, to routines only focusing on one area and very short. Go Explore.

Fitness Blender: Kelly and Daniel are a great couple. Theirs is a pretty stripped down approach to fitness, without too many bells and whistles, no music (you can add your own) but focus on doing the exercises well, good technique and clear instructions. They do full programmes and series (those are a must) where they will share daily workouts ensuring you work all parts of your body over the period. They provide low impact options and will tell you the level of fitness required for the workouts. There are short, longer ones, and go from HIIT, to strength, pilates, yoga…

BeFit: With Fitness Blender one of the first channels I followed. They share celebrity workouts (Jill Michaels and Jane Fonda for instance, although not recently) and also programmes that might take other forms. They have a very long list of workouts and you might want to explore. Not as personal or personality driven as some of the others but might suit some people better if you prefer a no-nonsense approach.




Yoga with Adriene: Good instructions and does not require being a yoga pro.


Boho Beautiful: Lovely settings and videos are not too long, although the level of knowledge of yoga required varies.

PsycheTruth: This channel shares a variety of workouts, not only yoga, although they tend to be lower impact than the channels I shared before, and there’re plenty of yoga videos and health and lifestyle videos. A gentler approach to fitness and I’ve found most of the yoga videos cater to beginners and don’t require a lot of experience.



Pandora: If you want to try a variety of dance workouts, I recommend Pandora. They don’t post videos very often, but they have a nice collection, and you might want to keep doing the ones you like to improve your moves!


Although I didn’t star this board until recently, I now have a Pinterest Fitness board and you’re welcome to check it. All the workouts I share there I’ve done myself… And survived (well, if you see me not turn up, it’s possible that the last one posted killed me….)

And just as a sample, I thought I’d leave you a video from Boho Beautiful (they always exercise in beautiful places, and although most of the workouts are yoga routines, this one is not):

Thank you very much for reading, thanks to all those YouTube channels for their workouts and tips, and you know, like, share, comment and feel free to try and CLICK!

Book reviews Recommendations Traducciones/Translations

#Newbook Shiny Bones by (@enriquelaso), review and #megagiveaway

Hi all:

As you know on Fridays I usually bring you new books and guest authors and today, I bring you an author who has featured in my blog before, Enrique Laso. The circumstances are a bit special, as this is book two in his very successful psychological thriller series of Ethan Bush, and it’s still more special because I’ve translated this novel.

As I read the original in the process, of course, I decided to give you my impressions in an informal review. The review is of the story, not of my efforts translating the book (and we’ve counted with Express Editing Solutions invaluable services too), but I thought you might find it interesting.

Shiny Bones de Enrique Laso. Traducción Olga Núñez Miret
Shiny Bones by Enrique Laso. Translation Olga Núñez Miret


The FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit special agent Ethan Bush must investigate a serial killer in Nebraska…
The monster lives in each one of us. We are beasts that have learned, over the centuries, to control ourselves, to restrain our basic instincts and live peacefully in society. We are, after all, fully domesticated and well-trained beasts.
Only on rare occasions, the wild animal that hides deep in our entrails goes on a rampage, giving rise to an insane nightmare…

If you enjoyed novels like ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ or TV series as ‘Criminal Minds’ or ‘True Detective’… this is the story that you have been waiting for.
The county police had cordoned off the zone less than an hour after the boys’ find. A pathologist established that the remains were human, although a large part of the skeleton was missing. In fact, what was missing was what would have been most helpful in the task of identifying the body: the cranium.
“Do you have any clues as to how long have those bones been here?” the sheriff asked, perplexed. His head was full of the terror that he knew would grab hold of his entire community just a few hours later.
“Not long. And one of the boys has told us that he comes for walks in this area often and they weren’t here a few days ago.”
“But this stiff croaked some years ago, don’t you think?” asked the sheriff, pointing at what looked like a tibia. Never in his life had he seen such a thing, and it perturbed him.
The pathologist looked at the grayish sky, where clouds were growing and thickening threatening to release a good downpour. But that storm would only be a child’s game in comparison with what was hanging over the county where he lived.
“I don’t know,” he replied, laconic.
“What do you mean, you don’t know?” asked the sheriff, who felt he’d got a completely senseless answer. These were the remains of a skeleton; therefore one didn’t need to be an eminence in medicine to deduct that the guy, no matter who the hell he or she was, would have stopped breathing a very long time ago.
“These bones have been thoroughly cleaned. They have been manipulated. Without studying them in detail, right now I can’t tell you if the owner died yesterday or over ten years ago.”

THE BLUE CRIMES review on Amazon:
‘And so proceeds Enrique’s THE BLUE CRIMES and the manner in which he places Ethan Bush and team in the resolution of crime is tense, suspenseful, and at all times involving. This is quality mystery writing by a voice new to most of us – a welcome addition to the thriller genre’
Grady Harp, TOP-100 Reviewer/ Hall of Fame/ Vine Voice

Shiny Bones by Enrique Laso. The second Ethan Bush novel. Translation Olga Núñez Miret. You don’t need to be weird to solve the case, but it helps.

As I had mentioned when I read the first novel in this series, thrillers that purport to follow the investigation of complex crimes usually have two fundamental elements that go almost hand in hand: the crimes and the investigation (which allow the readers to put their wits to the test), and the investigators, individuals or teams, and less often, the criminals.

It is true that if the crimes are highly intriguing or very strange the book might be interesting even when those doing the investigating aren’t gripping individuals. On the other hand, there are times when the personality and the adventures of those doing the detecting are more interesting than the crimes themselves (as is the case in many ‘cozy mysteries’ like many of Agatha Christie’s novels). The best novels of the genre manage to achieve a balance between the two.

Shiny Bones has a bit of everything. The case is extremely convoluted and twisted, clearly the work of a complex and traumatised mind (and no, I’m not taking about the writer), but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to solve, quite the opposite.

And we also have Ethan Bush, an FBI psychologist who comes back, as arrogant, intelligent and annoying as before (in The Blue Crimes). The mature Etan Bush of years later offers us his comments and reflections, not only about the case (where he keeps many things quiet, of course), but also about his own actions, therefore acting as an ersatz reader (or perhaps more accurately, author).

This time Ethan doesn’t have his team at his disposal (that in fact is not “his” team, as his boss keeps reminding him throughout the novel), and he’s obliged to work with the Nebraska State Patrol, the local force, and has to try and reach a compromise with them, although that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try to use all the tricks in the book to get his own way. His intelligence, his skill manipulating people, and even his feelings are put to the test in this case that’s a big challenge for him.

To those of you who enjoy solving the cases whilst you read the novel, I’m afraid I have to tell you that, although you’ll have many suspects, you won’t be able to guess who did it. Even with that it will make you think and question many things.

Personally I am eager to go back to Kansas to discover who murdered Sharon Nichols, a case that’s central to The Blue Crimes but never solved, and I’m waiting anxiously the arrival of Las libélulas azules (The blue dragonflies).

As I mention above I’m happy to disclose that I’ve translated the novel. The book has also undergone professional editing/proof-reading. Due to this circumstance I haven’t shared this review in selling channels, although the original is a review of the Spanish novel, rather than of my own efforts in translation.


Just in case you’d like to know more, I interviewed Enrique for Lit World Interviews, here and I reviewed his first novel in the series The Blue Crimes, here.

Ah, if you think you’d like to know more about getting you books translated, in this page I talk about it (I talk about other things too but, keep reading…). I believe every author and every book deserves the chance to reach a wide international audience and to be read by as many people as possible, and I’d love to help achieve that with my translations. If you want to see examples of books I’ve translated, you can check here.


Oh, and before I forget, I’m taking part in a wonderful GIVEAWAY organised by fabulous author and always hard at work promoting others Marie Lavender. You can visit her blog here. If you want to be in with a chance to win an incredible collection of FREE BOOKS (more than 100 books to be won and more than 215 chances to win), come to this page from 12 PM EST pm 15th January:

It runs from today, the 15th of January until the 23rd, so be quick!

Thanks so much to Enrique for  the book and the opportunity to work in such a successful series, thanks to Marie for inviting me to participate in the giveaway, thanks to all of you for reading, and you know, like, share, comment and CLICK!

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