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Hi all:

I decided to take a mini-break from my reviews (not that I’ve finished reviewing all the books, but some of the books I’ve reviewed recently are not due to be published yet, so…) to bring you some news. And to share a lovely review of one of my books.

First, some of you know already, but I’m now back in Barcelona. Although I will probably visit the UK sometimes, as I have friends there, I’ve sold my house, so I won’t be spending there long periods of time. I might tell you more about the process itself at some point, but let’s say it put my patience to the test and it took longer than I expected. I have only been back a few weeks, my things took a bit of time to join me and I’m still trying to get settled here, so I’ll keep you posted. (The weather has been quite crazy, but I know that’s been the same everywhere, so I’m not too alarmed yet, worried that I might have brought the weather with me).

Second, as those who read me often know, I don’t talk about my own books often and don’t check my review unless somebody shares them with me.  But Robbie Cheadle, baker, writer and blogger extraordinaire, was kind enough to review the audio of my book I Love Your Cupcakes, recently, and I had to share it with you.

Here it is:

#Bookreview – I Love Your Cupcakes by Olga Nunez Miret

Oh, and don’t forget to check Robbie’s blog and her books. If you love cakes and great stories, you should not miss her collection of books created in collaboration with her son Michael. And she has a new book just out. Check it here!

As this book has also been republished in Spanish by a small independent publishing company, I thought it was a sign I had to talk about it. Ah, and the #MeToo campaign has made me thought about it more than once. Unfortunately, sometimes fiction is not so fictional.

Here a sample, from chapter 16, where the main protagonists, Dulce and Adelfa, and the two members of another team competing in the same TV baking programme, are having a bit of a break.

The girls’ night in was exactly what the two teams needed. They had a heated discussion about what movie to watch, with Adelfa and Trisha set up on an action movie or a thriller, and Dulce and Candy keener on a comedy. Eventually, they decided to start with a romantic comedy and if they still felt like watching anything else they’d look for something less “fluffy.” They ordered from a variety of fast-food venues and more than anything, they had a great time talking about their businesses and their lives.

“It’s amazing to think that after being all day in the kitchen around food we can still eat,” Dulce noted.

“I don’t know if it’s the nerves or what, but I don’t think I’ve eaten a proper decent meal since all this started” Trisha replied. “I’ve just realized I’m starving!”

“A proper decent meal this? I thought you were into organic products” Adelfa said, stuffing a big chunk of pizza into her mouth and proceeding to munch it noisily.

“Well, OK, a good old-fashioned bad-for-you bit of food then” Candy nodded. “If one is good all the time it’s too boring. After all, if there was nothing bad in the world, and no temptations, how hard would it be to be good? There would be no merit in it!”

“I love how you think!” Dulce declared.

The romantic movie got them talking about relationships. They realized that none of them were, or had been, in a steady relationship for some time.

“I guess we’re very dedicated to our businesses and we don’t have much time to do things that encourage the birth of a relationship.” Candy said.

“I’m firmly of the opinion that women who are in a relationship with somebody have a better chance of ending up in another relationship than if they are alone,” Trisha said.

“How do you work that one out?” Adelfa asked.

“Oh, it’s my own theory, but it’s the law of the market. If you are with somebody, it signals to other men that you are relationship material, others find you desirable (and men are suckers for competition,  having to prove that they are better than anybody else, can have what other men have and take it from them) and your market value is higher. If you’re alone, on the other hand, either nobody values you and thinks you’re good enough, or you’re too difficult. Your market value is lower. You’ll have to offer a discount to make a sale. It’s also easier to find a job if you’re already in one than if you are unemployed.”

“Trisha’s law of relationships,” Candy said. She’d evidently heard her friend expose her theory a few times.

“No, don’t mock her. I think she might be onto something.” Adelfa said.

“It’s also quite possible that being independent women, our own bosses, and used to doing things our own way will not make us very attractive to certain types of men either,” Dulce said. “Look at my friend Adelfa, here. Not only is she in a fairly successful partnership with me, but she’s on her way to becoming a Professor at University, she does her own research, she’s a sought-after chemist…And on top of that, she’s pretty too. You need to be fairly self-confident to try and woo her.”

Adelfa smiled and pinched Dulce’s cheek.

“We’re all pretty amazing women. Anybody for some Chinese food?”

They went to bed quite late, tired but happy and relaxed. They had a whole free day ahead of them!

Here the info about it in case you want to check:

I Love Your Cupcakes. Cover by Lourdes Vidal
I Love Your Cupcakes. Cover by Lourdes Vidal

I Love Your Cupcakes

Dulce, Adelfa, and Storm, the protagonists of I Love Your Cupcakes are business partners, friends and share some “interesting” family connections. All the men Dulce meets only want to talk about her cakes and she’s tired of it. Her friend Adelfa, although she’s a Chemistry Professor, can’t manage to find the recipe for the perfect relationship. And Storm, the third of the partners of their bakery/coffee shop/bookshop/art gallery and ex-fire station, is an artist who is not a master in the art of love. How could they imagine that at the studio of the contest “Do You Have What it Takes to Be the Next Baking Star?” they’d find sexual harassment, cheats, fights and also love? Recipes included (only for cakes, not love!)

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Also in audio, with a slightly different cover:

I Love Your Cupcakes, audio with Gwyn Olson as narrator


And for an audio sample, you can go here!

Thanks very much to Robbie for her review, and to everybody who’s kindly shared it, to all of you for reading, and remember to like, share, comment, click, REVIEW, and to keep smiling!

By OlgaNunez

I was born in Barcelona and after living in the UK for many years have now returned home. I teach English, volunteer at Sants 3 Ràdio, a local radio station, I'm a writer, translator (English-Spanish and vice-versa) and I'm a medical doctor and worked in Forensic Psychiatry many years. I also have a BA and a PhD in American Literature and Film, and a Masters in Criminology. I've always loved books and apart from writing them I review them often.
I write a bit of everything, check my books for more information and my about page for links.
My blog is bilingual, English and Spanish.

14 replies on “#Bookreview, news, and a sample. #ILoveYourCupcakes #Romance”

I am so pleased you liked the review, Olga. Thank you for the shout out about my new book, it is appreciated. Your book has inspired me to make a special cake for my husband’s birthday in two weeks time. I will share it will you on Facebook on the day.

Thanks, Robbie! All your books sound awesome. I am very intrigued about your cake… (I’m sure it will be wonderful but I’m a bit worried about the inspiration part!). ♥

Thanks, Vashti. It was a pretty therapeutic book at the time and it’s a feel-good book. I hope it can make people smile. Have a great week!

Great to hear you’re settling into your new home, Olga. Sorry to hear about the stressful time you had selling your home over here in the UK. Having moved house more than 10 times, I know exactly what you must have been going through.

Hope you get those boxes unpacked soon. But don’t forget to also take some time out to enjoy the rest of spring.

Best wishes,

Thanks so much, Hugh. Boxes unpacked (sort of, they might be reshuffling later). The weather is quite crazy here as well, although I’m hoping it wasn’t me bringing the British weather along. Enjoy a glorious spring too. ♥

I’m so excited to see this review, Olga. Robbie has a fresh take on the books she chooses, and I enjoy it.
This is one of my favorites, so I’m delighted to see this. Hugs!

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