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I was born in Barcelona and have lived in the UK for many years now. I'm a writer, translator (English-Spanish and vice-versa) and I'm a medical doctor and worked in Forensic Psychiatry many years. I also have a BA and a PhD in American Literature and Film, and a Masters in Criminology. I've always loved books and apart from writing them I review them often. I write a bit of everything, check my books for more information and my about page for links. My blog is bilingual, English and Spanish.

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  1. It sounds like a fun way to learn history. Thanks for sharing your review, Olga!

    1. Thanks, Priscilla! It’s a fun approach as you say, and it makes it easier to engage with the information without feeling as if you are having to work hard. Have a great week!

  2. I read a lot of ‘serious’ books about Ancient Rome in my teens, but this sounds like a fresh take on life there. It will be added to my Amazon Wish list. Thanks, Olga.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks, Pete. I have read more novels set in Rome than historical books, but this one manages to be informative and entertaining, and that’s something I enjoy nowadays. Have a great week!

  3. It seems LJ has a unique approach to history. I’m sure I would find it much more interesting than a standard history book. Thanks for including the quotes, Olga. That does help. Happy November. Hugs on the wing!

    1. Thanks, Teagan! Yes, I definitely learned a lot about life in Ancient Rome, and it was a very engaging and light read. Have a fabulous November. Big hugs!

  4. Hi Olga, I hope you are well. This sounds interesting. It is quite amazing how much information about the Roman’s has been discovered despite their having lived so very long ago.

    1. Yes, you’re right. The author mentions the sources as well, and, of course, the Romans even had graffiti already! I hope you have a great week.

  5. This sounds so interesting, Olga – there’s always more to be learnt about Ancient Rome. A fabulous review. Toni x

    1. Thanks, Toni. Yes, that’s why I couldn’t resist the book when I saw it, and the style is very engaging. Stay safe and good luck with your projects.

  6. dgkaye says:

    You’ve piqued my curiosity Olga, and I love Rome, so I’m going to check out more about this book over at Amazon. Thank you. <3

    1. Thanks, Debby. I think it might tickle your fancy, especially because it’s written with a sharp sense of humour. Enjoy the rest of the week. ♥

      1. dgkaye says:

        On it! Thanks Olga. Happy week to you too <3

    1. Thanks, Sally. It is fun to imagine visiting Ancient Rome. I visited Rome a few years back, and I enjoyed it, although it was a short city break, and I needed a holiday when I came back. There are so many places to visit and things to see! I have visited Florence, and I definitely recommend it as well, although there are many other places in Italy I hope I’ll get to visit at some point. Stay well and thanks for all the wonderful content you share and for your support to so many bloggers, writers, and artists. Big hugs!

      1. Sounds like a wonderful trip Olga.. we would love to go to Lake Como.. and other regions in the mountains.. who knows perhaps when this craziness finally shows signs of ending..hugsx

        1. Fingers crossed! ♥

  7. This does sounds like an interesting book and a fun way to learn some history, Olga. Rome is on the bucket list. 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful review.

    1. Thanks, Lauren. I am always happy to find new ways to learn history. All the best!

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