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I was born in Barcelona and have lived in the UK for many years now. I'm a writer, translator (English-Spanish and vice-versa) and I'm a medical doctor and worked in Forensic Psychiatry many years. I also have a BA and a PhD in American Literature and Film, and a Masters in Criminology. I've always loved books and apart from writing them I review them often. I write a bit of everything, check my books for more information and my about page for links. My blog is bilingual, English and Spanish.

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  1. I’ve read Journey 13, too. I couldn’t believe how many pages altogether the serial novel is. I would have been too intimidated to pick up anything that big, but in serial format, I’m comfortable with it. I’m looking forward to number 14!

    1. Thanks, Priscilla. Yes, I knew the author had talked about an “epic” novel, but I am with you. The length would have put me off if I had faced the full novel. She’s done a great job serialising it as well. I am also looking forward to the last Journey, although I hope we might get to hear more, at least about some of the characters. Have a great week!

    2. Hi, Priscilla. Thanks for your feedback about the serialization. I always loved big thick books, but I was made aware that many people do not, a few years ago. A coworker remarked that she liked small books because she felt a better sense of accomplishment through reading several short books as opposed to one huge one. At first, I was surprised, but the conversation stuck with me.
      Also, when I was finally ready to take the draft off the shelf, the prospect of editing it was terribly daunting. All things combined, I decided to make it a serial.
      Thanks for being a part of these Journeys from the very start. Hugs on the wing.

  2. Great review. I have been reading since the first Journey. I can’t wait for the final Journey.

    1. Thanks, Dan. It’s one of those bitter-sweet things, isn’t it? I want to know how it all ends, but will be sorry to not have more of the story to look forward to. Although, who knows? Characters have a way of getting a life of their own. Oh, and congratulations on your novels. Good luck!

    2. Thanks for taking time from your week to visit here, Dan — and for being part of the Journeys. Have a splendid week. Hugs on the wing.

  3. HI Olga, thank you for this splendid review. I am looking forward to reading Journeys 12 and 13. They just keep getting better.

    1. I totally agree. Emlyn has changed so much from the beginning of the story… That’s a character arch if I’ve seen one! Have a lovely week, Robbie!

      1. Thank you so much for that, Olga. I have a related question/request for feedback that I will email.

        1. Thanks, Teagan. I received and replied. ♥

    2. Robbie, that is music to my ears. Your recent reviews mean the world to me too. The momentum really starts to build in Journey 12 and carries on through 13. Be well, be happy. Hugs on the wing.

  4. Olga, I’m so excited about this review. Heartfelt thanks for sharing your insights into the story and characters. You were spot-on. If you don’t mind me copying the post (since I can’t reblog), I will share it on Wednesday at my blog. It’s a great preliminary for the release of the conclusion.
    With so many people launching books this month, I haven’t asked anyone to help me with an actual launch. I might regret that but…
    I’m halfway through the editing and formatting process.
    Thank you again. You are a treasure. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Oh, thanks, Teagan, and of course, feel free to copy the post and share.
      Journey 14 is gathering momentum, Teagan, and although I know what you mean about book launches, I don’t think yours will lack in attention. We’re all eager to read it!
      If I can do anything, you know you can count on my blog.
      Keep safe and take as much time as you need. We know it will be worth the wait.
      I hope the rest of the week proves fruitful and pleasant for you.
      Big hugs. ♥

  5. Good luck to the lovely Teagan with her book. I have shared on Twitter.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanks, Pete! Yes, she’s in the process of editing the final Journey, so it’s a great achievement. Have a great week, Pete.

    2. Thank you kindly, Pete. I appreciate you taking time to comment and share. Hugs on the wing.

  6. Congratulations to the amazing Teagan – a wonderful review, Olga. Toni x

    1. Thanks, Toni! I totally agree about Teagan and her talents!

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