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#Bookreview for #RBRT Planting the Seeds of Love. A Novella by N.N. Light (@NNP_W_Light) It will make you smile

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As you know, as I’m publishing the prequel to my book Escaping Psychiatry on Tuesdays, I’m trying to catch up on Fridays and combine my usual new books and authors feature with reviews. Today I bring you a review I did for Rosie’s Book Review Team. I hope you enjoy it!

Planting the Seeds of Love by NNLight
Planting the Seeds of Love by N.N. Light

I’m reviewing this novella as part of Rosie’s Book Review Team and I was offered a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

This romantic novella (with no erotica) centres on a young woman, Sally. When her grandfather dies she goes back to his farm that she’d left to study in the city. His death and his testament turn her ordered life upside down. She has a boyfriend in the city, Trevor, and she plans to have a coffee shop back there. But in his will her grandfather asks her to look after the farm and to do it with the help of her childhood friend, Jack. They used to play together as children, and he was the knight in shining armour to her beautiful princess. The farm is in financial difficulties, but those can’t compare to the troubles of the heart Sally gets into. Ultimately she must decide if she wants to stay in the farm (now turned into a brewery) with Jack, or go back to the city with Trevor.

This is an easy read, with likeable characters. There are no major complexities and although the two male characters confront each other, there is no big drama or real tragedies on the way, although there are mishaps and worries. Most of the difficulties Sally experiences are down to her heart and her lack of clarity about her true feelings. The author is good at capturing the nuances of the emotions and the subjective state of mind of the main character whilst avoiding explicit scenes. She is also particularly skilled at creating romantic scenes, without going into too much description or detail, allowing the readers to use their own imagination and put themselves in the characters’ place.

Planting the Seeds of Love will make you smile and it’s the perfect read for when you want something short, sweet and not taxing. The perfect break from a heavy day; it will lift your spirits.


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Thanks so much to N.N. Light for her novella, thanks to Rosie for organising the review team, and thanks to all of you for reading. And don’t forget to like, share, comment and CLICK!

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17 replies on “#Bookreview for #RBRT Planting the Seeds of Love. A Novella by N.N. Light (@NNP_W_Light) It will make you smile”

It was the perfect book at the time. And I’ll need another cheerful read after the one I’m reading now… Congratulations, N.N.!

Thanks, Noelle! I’ve published it already but I’m waiting for the Amazon gods to make it free before going into promo mood. And then I’ll have to get on with editing the next one… 🙂

Thanks Olga, glad you had time to share this book with your readers and good luck with the new book launch.

Thanks, Rosie. It was the right read at the time. And thankfully I have another fun book waiting when I finish my current read…

I don’t really read romantic fiction, Olga. But if I did, this looks ideal as an escapist novel.
Best wishes, Pete.

Thanks, Pete. As the authors says, one can be surprised sometimes. Mind you, my prequel is out now (when Amazon will match up the price and make it fee is another matter)…;) Have a great weekend!

Hey Pete, I know not everyone enjoys romance but I’ve had two male readers who, like you, don’t read romance but enjoyed it immensely. Both of their reviews are up on Amazon.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks, N.N. I keep discovering novels in genres I wouldn’t usually read that tickle my fancy. Have a beautiful weekend. 🙂

Me too, Olga. I’m reading a historical fiction book about a young woman and her relationship with Eva Braun (girlfriend of Adolf Hitler). As a rule, I don’t read books about Hitler but this one surprised me.

I like that, tickle my fancy. 🙂

Thanks Olga. That was very helpful — and it does sound like something I would enjoy. Mega hugs!

It’s good for improving one’s mood, for sure. I hope you have a great weekend, Teagan!

Your new blog is so colorful. I love it! Your book reviews are always very good. Good luck on your book launch and please let me know how I can be of help. 😀 xx

Thanks so much, Vashti. I hope everything will be ready for next Tuesday’s post for the launch. Fingers crossed! Have a great weekend!

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