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#Bookteaser Escaping Psychiatry 2. And any suggestions for a cover? #TuesdayBookBlog

Hi all:

As you know I published recently, and I shared here (check here for full links) the prequel to my psychological/suspense thriller series Escaping Psychiatry and I mentioned I was working on the draft of the next story in the series.

I’m still working at it (and translating it), but I’ve started thinking about covers, and I have no  ideas. I’m not sure sharing the prologue will help you much (the novel has a bit of a complicated story line… but I don’t want to give too much away yet) but just in case something jumps at you… here it goes…

Thanks to for their free photos
Thanks to for their free photos

Escaping Psychiatry 2. The Case of the Swapped Bodies


“We have a very peculiar case in our hands. I thought you might find it interesting. And we could do with some help,” Dave Dean said.

“What is so peculiar about the case?” Mary Miller asked. “What makes you think you need a psychiatrist?”

“The guys are calling it ‘the case of the swapped bodies’, so you can imagine it’s a bit odd.”

“It sounds like one of Sherlock Holmes’s cases,” she said, trying to hide her amusement.

“If only…”

“Tell me more…”

“I can do better.  I’ll send you a file. Encrypted, for security reasons, but you know what to do.”

“OK. And what should I do with it?”

“Just read it. And send me a message or call me when you’re done.” Dave ended the call without a word of goodbye. Mary wondered for a moment about her relationship with the man, a few years younger than her, but then heard the ping of a new e-mail and went to check the file. And all thoughts about Dave Dean or any other matter went clean out of her head.

I know it isn’t much to go on, but I promise to try and work on a description and bring you that. I want it to relate closely to the other two covers in the series, but I’m not sure how that will work out. Just in case you need a reminder:

Escaping Psychiatry. Beginnings by Olga Núñez Miret. Cover by Ernesto Valdés
Escaping Psychiatry. Beginnings by Olga Núñez Miret. Cover by Ernesto Valdés
Escaping Psychiatry
Escaping Psychiatry cover by Ernesto Valdés

Thanks so much for reading, and please, like, share, if you have any ideas, I’m open to suggestions, and if you haven’t checked the prequel, don’t forget to CLICK!


By OlgaNunez

I was born in Barcelona and after living in the UK for many years have now returned home. I teach English, volunteer at Sants 3 Ràdio, a local radio station, I'm a writer, translator (English-Spanish and vice-versa) and I'm a medical doctor and worked in Forensic Psychiatry many years. I also have a BA and a PhD in American Literature and Film, and a Masters in Criminology. I've always loved books and apart from writing them I review them often.
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15 replies on “#Bookteaser Escaping Psychiatry 2. And any suggestions for a cover? #TuesdayBookBlog”

It’s an intriguing snippet, Olga. I’m interested, but bracing for a little bit of gore, based on this tidbit. I definitely want more of the story. 😀 Mega hugs.

Thanks, Teagan. It isn’t really gore but there are quite a few incidents talked about (many have happened before the action in the story). I’m sure I’ll be sharing more, but it’s a slightly convoluted story… I have to figure out what I can share…:)

I agree that it is probably important to continue with the ‘look’ and a similar theme. Design is not my forte though, so I would be reluctant to make any solid suggestion.
Best wishes, Pete.

Thanks, Pete. Ernesto, the cover designer, is very good, but I’m trying to think what directions I should give him…

Not a bad suggestion at all, Linda! I’ll keep it in mind. Perhaps swapped tags or tag with question mark…Thanks very much!

My imagination is at an all-time low at the moment. But I’m intrigued by swapped bodies!

Thanks, Sarah. It will be a long while before it’s anywhere near ready, so I hope we’ll all have plenty of ideas by then… 🙂

I like Linda’s suggestion. Another idea, in keeping with the other covers might be to superimpose the skull on a landmark or cityscape of whichever city it is set in.

Thanks, Jo-Anne. That novel is a bit different and it doesn’t really take place in a city. It’s an invented small-town somewhere in California…I mention some real places in it, but you might be onto something with the idea of superimposing the skull on something relevant to the story… You got me thinking… Many thanks!

I take forever to decided what color to paint a room let alone thing of anything more imaginative. 😀 Sounds you have some interesting suggestions to start.
Love the except. You have me hooked. <3

Thanks Tess. I know what you mean. I might say in my defence that although it takes me a while to make up my mind, I don’t change it easily once I’m made it up. When I finish the translation (I find it a great way to pick up inconsistencies) I’ll be looking for some interested readers, although don’t worry, I know you’re very busy…:)

This is a hard one, Olga. I like the idea of the heads – maybe two heads facing each other with something (waves, lines) connecting them? I am having a hard time with my own cover!

Thanks, Noelle! I think it’s a very good idea! I like your previous covers a lot. I hope you find the inspiration….:)

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