Multiauthor event in Facebook A TIME FOR GIVING, Thanksgiving, audiobooks and much, much more. Thanks to @UviPoznansky and all the fabulous writers

Hi all:

You might remember I mentioned working with other authors and sharing events with them and all the advantages of doing that in a post I shared in Literary Word Interviews (just click if you missed it). Well, here we are. Fantastic author Uvi Poznansky has organised an event on Facebook where we introduce our audiobooks and even give them away. It runs from the 20th to the 22nd of this month.

A time for giving
A time for giving, Audiobook Facebook event

I’ve probably already invited you to the event, but just in case, it’s here.

Here are all the audiobooks available:


For more details, you can check this post.

Here are all the authors.


You can check a bit more information here.

To gather some support I started a campaign in HeadTalker, so if you can join it shares the message on the chosen date (the 20th in this case. It works a bit like Thunderclap, but you can have a campaign with only 25 people supporting you so it’s a bit more flexible). Here is the campaign, just in case. (And don’t worry. The App doesn’t post anything other than that message or changes anything in your social media account).

I’m offering two of my audios. I thought I’d share some fragments of one of them, today and some of the other one Friday.

First, I Love Your Cupcakes
sweet culinary romance.

I Love Your Cupcakes Audiobook
I Love Your Cupcakes Audiobook narrated by Gwyn Olson

I Love Your Cupcakes by Olga Núñez Miret. Narrated by Gwyn Olson

Dulce, Adelfa and Storm, the protagonists of I Love Your Cupcakes are business partners, friends and share some “interesting” family connections. All the men Dulce meets only want to talk about her cakes and she’s tired of it. Her friend Adelfa, although she’s a Chemistry Professor, can’t manage to find the recipe for the perfect relationship. And Storm, the third of the partners of their bakery/coffee shop/bookshop/art gallery and ex-fire station, is an artist who is not a master in the art of love. How could they imagine that at the TV studio of the program “Do You Have What it Takes to Be the Next Baking Star?” they’d find sexual harassment, cheats, fights and also love? Recipes included (only for cakes, not love!)

Glyn Olson and Red Rose Studio have done a fantastic job bringing my novel to life. You’ll be able to smell the cakes, laugh with their adventures, and fall in love…                            Amazon                   Apple i-Tunes 

If you’ve never tried Audible before, this is a great promotion.

You can listen to a sample directly in Sound Cloud:

If you prefer to watch the You Tube video:

And here a few fragments that relate to the theme of the event, gifts and giving.

In the first one, the two friends, Dulce and Adelfa, are setting up their cupcakes shop/bookshop/gift shop and everything else, and they’ve managed to gather a lot of support from within the community.

“We have plenty of organising to get through but you are busy enough. I’ll see if I can get somebody to help us with the cakes once the supplies are here. By the way, Alf, the mayor’s office has sent us an e-mail offering us an old bus. I don’t know what state it will be in but we thought we could have the children’s reading group there, and if it is road-safe and mobile we could take it to different places and give it a bit of exposure. I wasn’t sure if you’d want to have a look…”

“A bus? Of course! I’d love to! Why don’t you send me the e-mail? I’ll ask them to bring it here. Unless we can drive it, then I’d bring it myself. The fire-engine should be safe for visits soon. Ah, and my Dad is coming later to check all the safety measures. We should be more than ready for Wednesday.”

The good news is that the bus in question is an old school bus. Later on in the book, when the bus goes into retirement, they get an even more interesting addition to their float (but I’m not telling you!).

In the second fragment, the friends, who are taking part in a baking contest on the TV, are talking to the two members of another team, about their interesting family relations, and how keeping receipts can get you into trouble sometimes.

“What I don’t understand is… how did Sebastian, I mean Storm, find out that you existed?” Trisha asked.

“It’s an interesting part of the story. Our Dad was always, and I imagine still is, although I’m not in touch with him, very peculiar about keeping receipts, bills and paperwork for everything he got. He came back from some trip and brought Storm a computer game as a gift. Storm already had the same game and asked him for the receipt to be able to exchange it, as he’d bought it in one of the shops of a big chain. Our father gave it to him. Most fathers would have thrown it away and that would have been the end of the story, but not our Dad. When Storm checked he realised that he’d bought other things in the same shop that he’d never given him, and he didn’t know of any other children his age that he would buy presents for. He felt intrigued and made enquiries at the shop with some excuse. They replied that they had sent the other games to the address he had given them. He asked for confirmation to check that they had been sent to the correct place, and bingo! It was our address. Storm has always been very good with computers and handling data and he traced even the marriage certificate back. Then he realised what was going on. Knowing his mother, he decided it would be better to come and tell us himself. His mother travelled so much that he took a chance during one of her trips and instead of going to stay with a friend, he came by…And the rest, as they say, is history” Adelfa concluded, throwing the rest of her ice-cream into a bin.

“Wow! What a story! And Storm must be a remarkable guy!” Candy exclaimed.

The third fragment shares the moment when Rock, a man who works at the studio, brings Dulce a present. He is a very special guy, and so is his gift.


“Come in. I was about to send you a message. I lost track of you and didn’t know where you’d gone.”

“I wanted to finish something I was working on…Here.” He gave her a red velvet box.

“For me?”

“Yes…Open it…”

It was a necklace. A fairly special necklace. It had what looked like an antique key, with the top in the shape of a heart, enamelled in red, in wrought iron, hanging from a very fine and thin strip of copper netting that served as a chain. It was beautiful and unique.

“It represents the key to my heart,” Rock told her. “I hope you like it. Lance suggested flowers and chocolates but…”

“You’re definitely right. I love it! Thanks, Rock.”

She kissed him on the cheek first but then they progressed to kissing in the mouth several times.

Thanks to Uvi for organising this great event, thanks to all of you for reading, and please, do come and join in if you can! And of course, share, like, comment, and CLICK!

By OlgaNunez

I was born in Barcelona and after living in the UK for many years have now returned home. I teach English, volunteer at Sants 3 Ràdio, a local radio station, I'm a writer, translator (English-Spanish and vice-versa) and I'm a medical doctor and worked in Forensic Psychiatry many years. I also have a BA and a PhD in American Literature and Film, and a Masters in Criminology. I've always loved books and apart from writing them I review them often.
I write a bit of everything, check my books for more information and my about page for links.
My blog is bilingual, English and Spanish.

25 replies on “Multiauthor event in Facebook A TIME FOR GIVING, Thanksgiving, audiobooks and much, much more. Thanks to @UviPoznansky and all the fabulous writers”

Wow, Olga. You are involved in so many things… I don’t know how you manage it all. I hope you take breaks. 😀
This is a terrific selection of audio books. Thanks for this heads-up.
Your cupcakes story is delightful. Thanks for the text snippet, as well as the audio offer. What a marvelous way to end this Monday! Mega hugs.

Thanks, Teagan. I think as you well know the secret is to keep going and wear different hats (a change is as good as a rest… sort of). Have a lovely week!

Tee-hee! I’m suddenly inspired to put on various real hats as I write. Too bad I’ve donated most of them when I thought I was going to move…
I’m giving you (and this event) a shout out at my blog Friday. More hugs.

How do you find the energy? The time? I agree with Teagan. I’m worn out just adding up your schedule.
This is the first time I’ve read a snippet from ‘Cupcakes’. It’s adorable. <3 <3 🙂 I like the atmosphere.

Thanks, Tess. I’m amazed at your detailed posts, stories and challenges too! I’m not a great planner, so I usually say yes to things well ahead of the time, because I have nothing else pressing booked, and then manage to overbook myself, but hey, it beats not doing anything. Your comment and a recent review of my first book have made me think that perhaps I should remind people of my other books (I don’t want to bore anybody but some of them I published four years ago). I Love Your Cupcakes was a very therapeutic book for me at a time when things were not going very well, and it’s one of my most optimistic (I think the most optimistic).
Glyn has done a very good job with the narration too. (I know you have books coming out of your ears, but if you aren’t lucky during the event but would still fancy it in whichever format, even paper, let me know…) 🙂

I feel a bad blogging friend. I am now over the hill and disappointed in my lessened energy. I WANT to read all the books in the world but my eyes have been giving me problems (we are putting off cataract surgery till I must).
I beta read a number of books I should be able to use to review. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, which means I disappoint everyone because I can’t keep up.
The cover of I Love Your Cupcakes has caught my attention from the beginning. Do you know I have about 2800 paper books and about 250 on my Kindle. I could scream because I want to read them all and I volunteer in a (charity) bookstore for the past six or so years.
Everything I do these days is just-in-time which leaves no room for anything else though I keep adding new newsletters I can’t keep up with or outings with friends. I’ve been retire for 10 years now and get busier by the year. Ha ha. How does THAT happen.
I force myself into social outings because, other than the bookstore, I don’t really care if I go out from one day to the next and am happy at home. I never get bored alone.
Sigh. I forget what my point was. Sorry I rambled. Anyway wonderful talking with you. Yes, I would love to read all your books. I’m still waiting for the 36-hour day. <3 <3 <3

Dear Tess, I hope your eyes don’t deteriorate too fast, although I’m sure reading is not kind on them. My mother had a cataract operation earlier in May but they’re taking so long to operate the other eye that her eyesight has deteriorated… I’m accompanying her to an appointment on Friday.
I can only imagine how busy you are. I left my job as a psychiatrist a couple of years ago, planning on exploring other options, and although family things got on the way, I’ve also discovered now I seem to have even less time than before, between writing (not so much of that but planning something), translating (for an agency and other author’s books), my blog posts and reading and commenting others, the radio programme when I’m in the UK, keeping an eye on things for the Spanish cooperative, and the social media very half-hearted attempts at selling books (useless if I have to go by the results), and of course, reading… I do exercise every morning, because otherwise all my time would get swallowed up. I have no idea how many books I have in my Kindle (I don’t dare to check) and even the ones I get from NetGalley, that I had more or less under control have burst out free…
The few weeks I worked at a bookstore I really enjoyed myself. I hope I can go back and do something similar at some point.
Don’t worry about letting anybody down. You need to put yourself first (the oxygen mask approach rings true).
I do use the text to speech for the books sometimes, especially if I’m doing something that doesn’t require concentration and I can do in autopilot, and it might be useful if you still want the stories but your eyesight is a problem (of course, audiobooks are also useful that way).
Do take lots of care and don’t worry. I’m a psychiatrist. Yours is not a proper ramble…♥

You’re one busy girl Olga. What a fantastic event. I’ll be checking it out and seeing which books I don’t yet have. <3 Oh, and sharing around. 🙂

Thanks, Debby! I’ve seen your share in Google already. You’re a star! And the choice is amazing (one of the ‘problems’ with these events is that I want to read, or listen, or both, to all the other books too!). But unfortunately we’re not included in the giveaway.

Thanks, Vashti. It went well, although I had difficulties with the time difference. I was at cross-purpose with most of the people. But if you fancy any of my audiobooks, let me know. I still have gift codes for most of them. ♥

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