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#Bookreview RBRT HELL HOLES: WHAT LURKS BELOW (VOL. 1) by Donald Firesmith (@DonFiresmith) Science,horror, fantasy, paranormal and plenty of action #TuesdayBookBlog

Hi all:

Today I bring you a review of a novel that, depending on how you look at it, either fits in many genres or doesn’t fit in any. It’s set in Alaska, that as you know I want to go and visit in the future, but after reading this… I still want to go, but perhaps I’ll be watchful for holes.

Hell Holes. What Lurks Below (Vol. 1) by Donald Firesmith
Hell Holes. What Lurks Below (Vol. 1) by Donald Firesmith

Hell Holes: What Lurks Below (Volume 1) by Donald Firesmith Science,horror, fantasy, paranormal and plenty of action.

A geologist, his climatologist wife, two graduate students, a local newspaper reporter, an oil company representative, and a field biologist travel to one of dozens of huge holes that have mysteriously appeared in the tundra of the North Slope of Alaska. Their mission is to research these strange craters that threaten financial and environmental catastrophe should they open up under the Trans-Alaska Pipeline or any of the many oil wells and smaller pipelines that feed it. Unfortunately, a far worse danger lurks below, one that threatens to destroy all of humanity when it emerges. Who will survive the demonic invasion to flee south towards the safety of Fairbanks?

Here, my review:

I received a free ARC copy of the book and I voluntarily decided to review it. I am also sharing this review as part of Rosie’s Book Review Team.

Hell Holes is an intriguing book and one difficult to classify. Set in Alaska, the prologue already gives us a hint about what is to come, but once we start reading the account written by Professor Jack Oswald, we get taken in by the mystery of the holes, and by the hypotheses suggested, sending us in the direction of science-fiction. The explanations and the possible scenarios are plausibly rendered and the fact that Oswald’s wife, Angie, studies the effect of climate change, add to the interest, although that line of investigation doesn’t last long.

The plot turns soon when the holes prove to be dangerous in more ways than one, and paranormal and fantastic elements become more important as the plot moves on. There are also horror elements, like the monsters and the destruction and killings, and we do get more than a few hair-raising moments.

As often happens with some of these genres, there is a fair amount of exposition, regarding the set-up of the different pump stations and oil fields, and later about the supernatural elements (as one of the characters is revealed to be completely different to what we thought at first sight). As there is a description of the different Hell inhabitants later on after the end of the story, it might feel somewhat repetitive.

The book is also very short, even more than it looks like when we check the pages, as the end comes at around 80% of the book length, and the rest is taken by a summary/description, a cast of hell characters, a brief biography of the author and a longish sample of the next book, that follows (with a slight overlap) from the first one. From the sample, we see that the second book in the series is narrated by Professor Oswald’s wife.

The novel (novella) is plot-driven, and once the chase is on, the book moves quickly and never lets off, and we don’t have much chance to notice that we do not know the characters in detail, and there is plenty of room for development. The first person narration would seem to allow for a more in depth knowledge of the main character, but although there are some glimpses of guilty feelings and a strong sense of responsibility that make Oswald come across as a good man, this is after all supposed to be an account written by him for other eyes, to do with facts not feelings, and it does not dwell much on subjective matters. There might be time to get to know the characters more during the series but one suspects that the action will continue taking pride of place in the next novels.

There are series where it doesn’t matter where you start reading (or it matters less and it’s possible to read any novel and enjoy it in its own right without feeling you’re missing the context). This is not the case here, as although the story seems to be told from different points of view in the different books, it is all the same story. And in case you hate cliff-hangers, the book ends up in a worrying twist/hook. But, fear not, because if you read the sample of the next book at the end, at least that hook is solved.

The book is an easy and quick read and an action-filled one that you’ll imagine as a TV series or a movie with no difficulty. If you’re a stickler for specific genres and strong characters it might not suit you, and you might question some of the details, but if you’re looking for an entertaining read that moves easily between genres, and don’t mind investing in a series, give it a try.


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Thanks very much. I try and point everything because I know we’re all different, and sometimes the things I don’t like might be the ones that make it a perfect read for somebody else, and vice-versa.

It is, indeed, Tess, although I understand the writer well. Some people feel very comfortable within a genre, whilst others might feel constrained. And then, some stories refuse to be shoehorned into a category. The author, very kindly, sends all people who review the first book in the series, the second, so I have that one waiting… on my very looooong list. (I don’t dare to count!) Thanks, Tess!

You have such great reviews Olga. Of course we don’t get to read every book and not every genre is everyone’s favourite, but nonetheless, you make books beg to be read. 🙂

Thanks, Debby. I agree we can’t like all books, and even the best books are not for everyone, but, like the main character in The Readers of the Broken Wheel Recommend (if you didn’t catch my review of that book, I love it and it’s here, I also believe that all books deserve to be loved and read and have potential readers out there. I hope we can all help them find each other. Be well.

Good morning Olga…another excellent review. Sounds interesting, and given that it’s a short book, I might manage to squeeze in amongst all the others I am reading. Wishing you a lovely day – the sky is clear and blue here today – although quite cold. my kind of weather – janet:)x

Thanks, Janet. I know you can find beauty in all weathers (and it exists, that’s true). Here it’s sunny but getting slightly chillier (not really cold). The author is very kind and sends the second book to readers who review the first, so if you get caught up in the story… Have a magical day!

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