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I was born in Barcelona and have lived in the UK for many years now. I'm a writer, translator (English-Spanish and vice-versa) and I'm a medical doctor and worked in Forensic Psychiatry many years. I also have a BA and a PhD in American Literature and Film, and a Masters in Criminology. I've always loved books and apart from writing them I review them often. I write a bit of everything, check my books for more information and my about page for links. My blog is bilingual, English and Spanish.

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  1. Olga, this book is eagerly anticipated. Whenever it’s ready, I’m there. I love that the reflection in the cover is looking away. Very cool effect. Happy December. Huge hugs.

    1. Thanks, Teagan. I liked it from the moment I saw you, even with the doubts about the colour. I’m quite intrigued to see what the Ernesto Valdes, the cover designer, will do with the paper version… As trying to publish in the middle of Christmas might not work if I try to do it at the time (I’ve received an e-mail from Draft2Digital warning us that some of the platforms would need to get the book by the 12th), I might try to submit this weekend the digital version ready for the launch later in the month. Thanks for your support.

  2. Love the cover and the the plot is intriguing. Let us know when it’s out. I’ve never quite seen the point of pre-orders though I know some authors work hard to get people to pre-order their books.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I will. I know that to begin with, the point seemed to be that all the preorder sales were counted as if they were made on the day of the launch and that might help the book open with a bit of a bang, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Of course, some people manage to be bestsellers already at the pre-order stage (no risk of that for me!). I think it might be useful if the book needs to be out on a certain date and you’re not sure you can submit then… Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks!

  3. The cover is magnetic. o_O The story, intriguing. 😉 Sounds awesome. Hope to read it. <3 <3 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tess. I know you have tonnes to read, but you’re welcome to a copy whenever. 🙂

      1. Kind of you. I don’t mind buying and really DO want to ready every book in my path. Sigh. <3 <3 <3

        1. Me too! ♥

  4. Great cover.

    1. Thanks, Rosie. Ernesto Valdes is great and he always comes up with the most amazing covers.

  5. Good morning, Olga….I am definitely not a Ho Ho Ho type either:) Wonderful books are great to take us through the madness of the holiday season, and I do love a good psychological thriller! Love the cover, and more importantly the content sounds like something I will really enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend, surrounded with magical hummers. Janet:)x

    1. Thanks, Janet. I also love to do something unseasonal during Christmas, and psychological thrillers appeal to my interest in the human mind. This one ended up being full of twists… I hope not to lose anybody on the way. Thanks for the wishes and for the hummingbirds. Have a magical weekend too, dear Janet.

  6. I agree with the others. The cover is compelling, and ended up being the right choice.
    Good luck with this, Olga. I really hope that it does well for you.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

    1. Thanks, Pete. The process has dragged for so long that in my mind is already published, but I hope it entertains those who read it. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, Sally. You’re a star. I hope the dates work.

  7. dgkaye says:

    Hi Olga. I am getting real close to the first two books in this series, book 1 and Beginnings, right? I have them both. This will be lovely for us to feature your new book in January when you guest post for me, remember? LOL. I will email you next week with the exact date and have questions made up in the next week or so. <3

    1. Thanks, Debby. You’re very kind. And take your time. The story behind the series is a bit odd. Weird as it might sound, but I wrote book 1 first (well, it’s a collection of three stories. The first one I wrote around 1998 or thereabouts, but I explain that in the book) and the prequel more recently, early this year as I was trying to write book 2. I will try and get links to the book (I hope to try and get them on pre-order tomorrow, at least in some places) so it might all be more or less ready… I’m staying with my mother’s and we’re trying to upgrade the internet, but it’s proving a bit slower than I thought, so it’s anybody’s guess how things might work out.
      I’m usually pretty quick replying to questions, so don’t worry too much about timing (although I know people tend to have very busy schedules over Christmas, but I don’t expect that to be the case for me).
      Have a fabulous weekend!

      1. dgkaye says:

        Thanks for the history on the books Olga. And if I know you, you’ll have the internet working just fine in time. I know what kind of hiccoughs techy interference can create, especially when you’re trying to get a book out! Enjoy your family time Olga. <3

        1. Thank you, Debby. You too!

          1. dgkaye says:


          2. Have a fabulous week and good luck with the Book Pebbles promo (I think they are just starting, but sometimes it’s the best moment to discover new places. And it’s not a complicated process). Fingers crossed!

          3. dgkaye says:

            Thanks Olga, you too. Yes, and I imagine they won’t be FREE for very long either once they get enough subscribers. 🙂 Good to get in early and test the waters.

          4. Yes, that’s always the case. The problem I have is that I have very few reviews, so even if I want to pay for promo, I don’t fulfil the requirements for many of the sites… It can’t do any harm, for sure. 😉

          5. dgkaye says:

            For sure! Thank goodness there are still some sites that don’t count reviews. 🙂

          6. Indeed! It’s nearly impossible to promote a new book…

  8. Great cover, Olga! This will make a terrific Christmas present!

    1. Thank you, Noelle! A late Christmas (aiming for New Year). I’ve just submitted it for the 29th of December. Fingers crossed!

  9. Terry Tyler says:

    Lots of luck, Olga, and I agree re the hohohos! As for pre-order, I’ve never bothered. I can’t see the point, unless you are offering it at a lower price on pre-order. Then all that happens is that all your regular readers buy it at the low price, so you hardly make any money! Also, you lose the potential high spot in the Amazon ratings that you get if everyone buys it on the first two days of release.

    1. Thanks, Terry. I’ve uploaded it already just to make sure it’s available between Christmas and New Year (so far in Amazon, the other place I use to share seems to be down at the moment). In my case, I make so little money that it honestly makes no difference. I’m considering a different writing adventure, but, for me, it’s more trouble than it’s worth, and I’m yet to recoup my money for any of my books. Whatever your feelings about Christmas, I hope you have a painless experience at the very least. Be well!

  10. This book reads fascinating. As a matter of fact, the entire series intrigues me. Congratulations! I hope you’re able to release when you want to. I love the book cover.

    1. Thanks, Vashti. You’re very kind. Ernesto did a great job with the cover and people decided this was the cover they like, so I hope the book lives up to the expectations. I know you’re busy, but if you have time remember the prequel is free, and of course, if you want a copy of Escaping Psychiatry you only have to tell me. (I might organise something when I’m back in the UK as I have some paper copies there). This one is up on pre-order, but I’ll do a post about it soon).

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