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#Bookreview DARKNESSRISING by Brian Moreland (@BrianMoreland) Horror, poetry and redemption

Hi all:

I’ve read a few books by Brian Moreland and loved them all but realised I hadn’t shared the review of this one. And in case you need something different, I thought today was the day. I’ve also read recently that the author’s publisher is closing down, so you might want to grab his books whilst you can.

Darkness Rising by Brian Moreland. Book cover and review
Darkness Rising by Brian Moreland

Darkness Rising by Brian Moreland

It’s all fun and games until…

Marty Weaver, an emotionally scarred poet, has been bullied his entire life. When he drives out to the lake to tell an old friend that he’s fallen in love with a girl named Jennifer, Marty encounters three sadistic killers who have some twisted games in store for him. But Marty has dark secrets of his own buried deep inside him. And tonight, when all the pain from the past is triggered, when those secrets are revealed, blood will flow and hell will rise.

My review:

I was given a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

I have read several books by Brian Moreland and loved them all.

Darkness Rising is the story of Marty, a young man with a difficult past (his father is a serial killer who killed his mother and six young women and he had to grow up suffering bullying and abuse), who has found in poetry a way to communicate his feelings and to quieten down the darkness inside. He has big plans, goals, and is in love with a young girl, Jennifer, whom he’s been teaching about poetry. Unfortunately, a gang of two young men and a young woman have chosen his favourite spot next to a lake to make snuff movies and dispose of the bodies, and he’s spotted there with terrible consequences. What happens next is only the beginning of the horror for Marty and what he becomes.

The story, like the previous novels written by Moreland I had read, is written with a great sense of suspense, and very visually. One can imagine the movie that could be made from the book (although sometimes it’s best not too, like when describing the artwork Marty’s father creates). This novel is more than a horror story, and it includes beautiful passages about art, the effects of creativity, first love, and redemption. Despite the extreme violence (and even the descriptions of the evil beings are lyrical and vividly accomplished), this is a coming of age and a young adult story, and an inspirational one too. Perhaps the moral of the story would not be to everybody’s taste, but the message is ultimately positive. Marty talks about going through purgatory and… he might have a point.

I like my horror stories to end up in a horrifying manner but couldn’t help and root for Marty, who goes a long way and works hard to be the best he can and to prove that one can fight against fate and blood.

This is not a conventional horror story but I’d recommend it to people who like beautifully written dark fiction, stories about the nature of creativity and art, and do not fear treading where others wouldn’t dare.

Thanks so much to Brian Moreland for another great novel, and I hope his books find a good new home, thanks to all of you for reading, and do like, share, comment, and CLICK! And Merry Xmas!

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4 replies on “#Bookreview DARKNESSRISING by Brian Moreland (@BrianMoreland) Horror, poetry and redemption”

It sounds pretty gruesome, Olga. LOL, but of course, it is supposed to be. 😀 You do make it sound well written. The cover makes me think of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. Have a marvelous Monday. Hugs.

Thanks, Teagan. I hope you had a good day and a good break today. Brian Moreland writes beautifully. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with his books as I read when preparing this post that his publishing company was closing down. I must check but I think I have one of his titles still pending on my to be read list, and I think it was a wintery one….

Sounds like this one has great appeal across genres, Olga.
Good luck to Brian with his new book, and I hope that he finds another publisher very soon.
Best wishes, Pete.

Thanks, Pete. So far I’ve always gone solo, but it must be terrible when suddenly a publishing company, no matter how small, goes. And these days, when there isn’t much competition for the big guys, even worse. Yes, Brian writes wonderfully and I hope his books find a good home. They deserve it.

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