I wanted to share some of the books I have translated for others (I’ve also translated all of my own books):

Quería compartir algunos de los libros que he traducido para otros escritores (también he traducido todos mis libros) y ofreceros una breve muestra:

Primero, traducciones al inglés. First, translations into English:

The Realistic Mental Aptitude by Javier Almenar
The Realistic Mental Aptitude by Javier Almenar

First, a non-fiction book by Javier AlmenarThe Realistic Mental Aptitude. The Answer to Your Problems. It’s a down-to-Earth book and full of common-sense.
The Realistic Mental Aptitude. The Answer to Your Problems

Why do some people become successful and others don’t?
Why do some people achieve everything they attempt whilst others fail?
Why are some businessmen and women successful?
Why do some people open a business and it works and mine doesn’t’?
Why have some sales-teams great sales and mine haven’t?
Why are some people lucky in love and other aren’t?
In the past things used to go well for me. Why that is not the case any longer?
Why can’t I find a job when others have no problems working?
Why can’t I achieve all my objectives?

This book is different from others discussing the same issues. With its easy language and practical examples, the readers will learn how to apply the technique of the realistic mental aptitude and quickly will see that they’re achieving all their goals.
The book “The realistic mental aptitude, the answer to all your problems” it’s divided in two parts. In the first we describe clearly the six steps required to apply the technique of the realistic mental aptitude. The second is the annex where we explain some factors that may help us in our path towards success.
The realistic mental aptitude is the mental capacity to undertake certain actions adjusting ourselves the reality of the moment we’re living in.
Since its publication many businesses are using it as a guide in their commercial and sales departments, maximising the skills of the workforce and achieving great results.

Virgin of the Sun by Jordi Díez
Virgin of the Sun by Jordi Díez

Virgin of the Sun by Jordi Díez is an extraordinary historical fiction novel set up in the Inca Empire. A powerful read that I thoroughly enjoyed working on and made me cry. And it isn’t easy to translate and cry at the same time!

These are turbulent times for the Inca Empire.

Emperor Yupanqui Pachacutec has started a territorial expansion to avoid the fulfilment of a prophecy that predicts the future disappearance of his people. This bloody process will result in fights between possible successors, unexpected betrayals and the birth of heroes and martyrs.

But above all, it will require the effort of the whole population that will be obliged to work together in the building of the holy city form where the Son of Inti will rule the future of all his territory.

Meanwhile, in a small hamlet of the Empire, a priest has read in the stars that Nemrac, a young girl with eyes like emeralds, is the chosen one to become Daughter of the Sun. Full of emotion for such an honour, the parents of the girl, Nuba and Airún, will set off on a journey of no return towards the Temple of Inticancha, were the girl shall fulfil her destiny.

During the hard trip, Nuba will lose his wife and daughter; he’ll discover that reality can be terrible and at the same time he will find the necessary courage to resist fatality and to try to reunite again with Airún and Nemrac. This adventure will require not only all of his effort, rigour and ingenuity, but also enormous spiritual growth that will help him accept and understand the slippery meaning of life.

The Virgin of the Sun is a gripping novel that transports the readers to the Inca lands, and introduces them to the spirituality of this millenarian culture.

A Journey to Happiness by Paloma Caral
A Journey to Happiness by Paloma Caral

A very special book by Paloma Caral, that greatly inspired me:
A Journey To Happiness. “A journey to happiness” tells the story of Marc, a young man, and Carlota, a little girl, during a stay in Bangkok and in a Buddhist temple of Chiang Mai in Thailand; a novel full of thoughts and dialogues about love and loneliness.

“A journey to happiness” is a bestseller on
“En un templo de Chiang Mai, un viaje a la felicidad”.


A Scot in Springtime by Helen Moran-Hayes
A Scot in Springtime by Helen Moran-Hayes

A fun romance by Helen Moran-Hayes:

A Scot in Springtime

After a disastrous break-up, Emma goes to Scotland, the land of her father, to heal her wounds. His memory brings to mind both happy and unhappy times. The streets of Edinburgh, that welcome spring and say goodbye to the cold winter, retain a look as grey as Emma’s soul.
The name of a pub calls her attention and she decides to go in to get rid of the memory of her ex the same way one gets rid of infections, with alcohol. That’s how he meets Iwan, a proud Highlander with wild hair and tender blue eyes.
Iwan entered the pub after another day at work. Almost immediately a blonde woman got his attention, not only for her beauty but also because of the sadness in her eyes. He had to do something. A woman so beautiful should not be sad, and nothing better to heal wounds than a trip to the Highlands.
Emma and Iwan will go on a journey where they’ll discover love: love for their land, for their family, and for their travelling companion.

Shiny Bones de Enrique Laso. Traducción Olga Núñez Miret
Shiny Bones by Enrique Laso. Translation Olga Núñez Miret

SHINY BONES by Enrique Laso

This is the second novel in one of the most successful crime series by best-selling author Enrique Laso. I’d recommend you read them all (I have!)

The FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit especial agent Ethan Bush must to investigate a serial killer in Nebraska…
The monster lives in each one of us. We are beasts that have learned, over the centuries, to control ourselves, to restrain our basic instincts and live peacefully in society. We are, after all, fully domesticated and well-trained beasts.
Only on rare occasions, the wild animal that hides deep in our entrails goes on a rampage, giving rise to an insane nightmare…

If you enjoyed novels like ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ or TV series as ‘Criminal Minds’ or ‘True Detective’… this is the story that you have been waiting for.
The county police had cordoned off the zone less than an hour after the boys’ find. A pathologist established that the remains were human, although a large part of the skeleton was missing. In fact, what was missing was what would have been most helpful in the task of identifying the body: the cranium.
“Do you have any clues as to how long have those bones been here?” the sheriff asked, perplexed. His head was full of the terror that he knew would grab hold of his entire community just a few hours later.
“Not long. And one of the boys has told us that he comes for walks in this area often and they weren’t here a few days ago.”
“But this stiff croaked some years ago, don’t you think?” asked the sheriff, pointing at what looked like a tibia. Never in his life had he seen such a thing, and it perturbed him.
The pathologist looked at the grayish sky, where clouds were growing and thickening threatening to release a good downpour. But that storm would only be a child’s game in comparison with what was hanging over the county where he lived.
“I don’t know,” he replied, laconic.
“What do you mean, you don’t know?” asked the sheriff, who felt he’d got a completely senseless answer. These were the remains of a skeleton; therefore one didn’t need to be an eminence in medicine to deduct that the guy, no matter who the hell he or she was, would have stopped breathing a very long time ago.
“These bones have been thoroughly cleaned. They have been manipulated. Without studying them in detail, right now I can’t tell you if the owner died yesterday or over ten years ago.”

THE BLUE CRIMES review on Amazon:
‘And so proceeds Enrique’s THE BLUE CRIMES and the manner in which he places Ethan Bush and team in the resolution of crime is tense, suspenseful, and at all times involving. This is quality mystery writing by a voice new to most of us – a welcome addition to the thriller genre’
Grady Harp, TOP-100 Reviewer/ Hall of Fame/ Vine Voice


The Quiet Island by Mo de la Fuente. Translation Olga Núñez Miret
The Quiet Island by Mo de la Fuente. Translation Olga Núñez Miret

The Quiet Island by Mo de la Fuente

A great novel set in a very special location, with characters who carry heavy loads and a crime that will keep you glued to the pages.


As dawn breaks, the usual calm of a tiny quiet Mediterranean island is shattered by the news. A teenage girl has gone missing. Inspector Villanueva, temporarily transferred to the island, and sub-inspector Esteller must fight against the elements, the lack of resources, and their own demons to solve the mystery of what happened in a place where nothing ever does.


Dark Prophecy by Javier Haro Herráiz
Dark Prophecy by Javier Haro Herráiz

Dark Prophecy by Javier Haro Herráiz

This is a very special paranormal book. The writer’s style is like a written comic, fast action, few descriptions and inventive situations. And oh, the story!

And from the Darkness a Warrior born in Heaven and bred in the Underworld will arrive…

And a young dark skinned woman with blue eyes will arrive to unite them all under the same cloak…

And the one who swore to protect us will rebel against the human race…

And the day will arrive when a Big War between Heaven and Hell will be unleashed, and that day there will be death and wailing everywhere…


Letter to Charo by Estrella Cardona Gamio. Translation by Olga Núñez Miret
Letter to Charo by Estrella Cardona Gamio. Translation by Olga Núñez Miret

Letter to Charo by Estrella Cardona Gamio 

Here, I think I explain enough in my note, but a novel I had the pleasure of reading first and falling in love with and was overjoyed when I was given the opportunity to translate it.


LETTER TO CHARO is not a novel like all the rest in its presentation. For starters, it is an epistolary novel, a genre that was fashionable in other eras and that has left us works like DANGEROUS LIAISONS to mention a particularly fine example. It’s a very interesting genre because through its structure, and in the first-person, intimate stories are narrated that slowly reveal the most closely guarded secrets of its characters.
In LETTER TO CHARO, the reader will find the story of two friends who’ve known each other from childhood and carried on being friends through the years and the distance when the husband of one of them, for work reasons, has to move to London with his family. Throughout the years they exchange letters, until a certain day when an event that has nothing to do with either of them, the death of a famous Italian cinema actor, Marcello Mastroianni, sends them on a trip down memory lane unearthing confidences that had been hiding for decades and discovering two people who are complete strangers to each other.
Another peculiar characteristic of this novel is that the letters that are exchanged between the protagonists open with one dated the same day when I first started writing LETTER TO CHARO, and, the intervals between the letters are authentic. The truth is that I wrote the novel as if its protagonists were dictating it to me.
In this work, romantic and sentimental, you’ll find various degrees of love revealed in detail: tenderness, nostalgia, rivalry, egotism, envy, jealousy and uncontrollable and wild passion. You should not miss it, follow my advice.


I have tried to respect the style of the author and the sense of urgency and closeness of the correspondence written to (mostly) those close to us, which follows the style of our speech and the wanders of our mind, rather than grammar rules or best-practice when writing formal texts. I have adapted casual expressions but have always tried to maintain the meaning and the spirit of the original.
With regards to titles of books and/or movies mentioned in the book, I’ve adopted the ones more commonly used, although sometimes different editions or movies in different countries might be known by different titles. I have added only a few parenthetical notes where I felt that the general reading public might not be familiar with the term and it is fundamental to follow the gist of the story.
I am very grateful to the author and to her sister for giving me the opportunity to translate this short novel that I fell in love with as a reader.


The Rock of the Missing by Antonio Flórez Lage
The Rock of the Missing by Antonio Flórez Lage

THE ROCK OF THE MISSING: Aeinape International Book Awards Finalist de Antonio Flórez Lage  (Autor), Olga Núñez Miret (Traductor)


RECEIVED WITH CRITICAL ACCLAIM. “Full of humour, sensitivity, action and mystery.” Discover a not-so-touristic Mexico and the bleakest Galicia.

SYNOPSIS: In the outskirts of a tiny Galician fishing village there is a huge rock that hides a mysterious submarine cave. What happens to those who dare to go diving there? Several events from their childhood drag the protagonist and his peculiar friend back to that eerie place. They meet again, years later, and set off on a seedy trip around Mexico, full of action and dangers. The unexpected outcome of that journey changes the life of the protagonist forever. This novel is one of a kind: it offers the readers a special something; a unique quality that means the story does not leave us when we close the book. Some readers are already applying its lessons to their own lives…

THE REVIEWERS SAY “‘If I jump, I’ll kill myself; if I don’t jump, they’ll kill me.’ With these words, in an eerie landscape full of rocks and black waves that reminded me of Hitchcock, begins the novel The Rock of the Missing. This book keeps moving, from the initial Hitchcockian scene, later becoming a chilling road movie that takes us across a scorched Mexico, full of gunshots, drug dealers and dead bodies, and ending in a permanent return to Galicia, where the whole thing begins… I recommend you read this novel if you wish to enjoy the art Antonio Flórez uses to carve his sentences if you want to join in an adventure full of humour, sensitivity, action and mystery.”Lavadora de textos, Ramón Alemán.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Antonio Flórez Lage (A Coruña, 1977). A vet, passionate about the sea, travelling, and books, who writes about a world he knows very well.

10% of the profits obtained from the Kindle Book will be donated to ASOCEPA Coeliac Association.



Stop Depression by Rubén Quintas
Stop Depression by Rubén Quintas

STOP DEPRESSION by Rubén Quintas

Stop Depression shows in a simple step-by-step way how to overcome depression without medication.

You will regain your zest for life thanks to the practical advice and the techniques it describes.

Its teachings are helping thousands of people overcome depression. 

Author’s Biography

Rubén Quintas (Ourense, Galicia, Spain, 1984), author of the book Stop Depression, ex-depressed patient, writer and coach. He has lived in close contact with this illness for many years. His Dad suffered from depression and when Rubén was seventeen, his father decided to put an end to his life: he didn’t manage to recover from his illness. When this happened, the author fell into a terrible depression that lasted for over seven years. He was taking tablets and going to see psychologists and psychiatrists. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? He couldn’t get out of the house; he spent all day in bed, terrified of the feelings and sensations flooding his body and mind; he even contemplated suicide. He had no idea what was happening to him! When he realised that the tablets hadn’t managed to make him feel any better in all that time he decided to investigate alternative therapies. Thanks to those he has overcome his illness and he wants to share them with you so you can also beat depression. He has written the book Stop Depression, where he narrates his experience and explains everything he did so it can be accessible to all the people interested and they can stop being afraid and know that this illness can be cured.

“I’m very proud to see readers of Stop Depression recover their zest for life, that’s why I’m always happy for them to share their stories with me.” Rubén Quintas.

Readers’ Testimonials 

“It helped me a lot; I had been severely depressed for many years, and I’ve finally managed to overcome my depression. Our minds are truly strong and with this book and its easy exercises you will succeed.” Manuel. 36, Mendoza (Argentina).

“I wish I had discovered this book years ago. I was depressed and Stop Depression gave me the confidence and the techniques to be able to recover from my depression. I hope the rest of depression sufferers will find it soon.” Sandra. 27, Madrid (Spain)

“From the moment I discovered your book, I have contemplated my future with joy, as I no longer focus on the negative things and now I enjoy life with my husband. The symptoms of my depression disappeared. Thank you.” Guadalupe. 27, Guadalajara (Spain)


I no longer take medication! My life has changed completely, my illness is behind me. Many thanks to Rubén for everything. I thank God for putting him on our path.” Evelyn. 32 años, San Cristobal (Venezuela)

What will you find in the book Stop Depression?

In the words of the author:

“It is a book created pure and simply to help people who are going through the same I experienced some time ago.

The book starts by telling readers my story and later it asks a question that for me is fundamental:

Are you sad or depressed?

A short rating scale follows to measure your level of depression.

The book consists of 11 chapters divided into three parts each:

  • My diary, written while I was depressed.
  • My reflections.
  • Practical exercises I used to overcome depression.

And, finally, there is a list of recommended resources I found very useful.

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Therapies

And it ends with a goodbye letter.”

If you follow the recommendations of Stop Depression to the letter you will discover how to overcome depression without medication.

This book is on sale on the author’s webpage that contains more information. It is also available in audio. Check it here:

Open Literary Workshop by Estrella Cardona Gamio

Open Literary Workshop by Estrella Cardona Gamio

OPEN LITERARY WORKSHOP was born out of the requests of the people who visited our web page; the numerous letters we received asking us questions about how to write in a literary manner gave me a chance to reply, not to each individual person, but to all at the same time, because many of the questions were repeated.
Now, due to the great success of the online and paper Spanish versions of this book, we’ve decided to translate it into English so it can help anybody considering a career in literature in English too.
By chance, if there is such a thing as chance, we were finalizing the details of OPEN LITERARY WORKSHOP in e-book format, when a reader sent me a brief note. I think his words are fair and appropriate, and rather than add anything else, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

“Greetings. My name is Manuel Pozo Gómez. I started writing years ago and while trying to find information on the internet I came across a writing course you had published. Thanks to your guidance I got off to a great start in the world of literature and I wanted to thank you for it. Following your course and its advice, I’ve managed to win some awards. Although it is a simple and straight-forward course, you should not skip a single word. I loved it. Thanks for everything.”



What do I have to do to become a writer? What steps must I follow?

Which authors should I read?

Should a novelist live dangerously?

What should I write about and how?

How do I know if what I write is any good and if it is worth the effort?

How not to write too much; how to synthesize without being too brief?

How do we spur our imagination?

Which literary bad habits should we avoid?

What should my first and last lines be like?

And what happens when the author is so exhausted that s/he has no ideas?

What is, exactly, a short-story?

Are there literatures distinctly male and female?

How to write a children’s story

Do writers who start late, in other words, who are no longer young, have any chance at success?



The False Da Vinci: What if Leonardo’s life had been a fraud by Francisco Tessainer

The false Da Vinci: What if Leonardo’s life had been a fraud by Francisco Tessainer

In the fifteenth century, when human life was worthless; and in a territory (current day Italy) then divided into powerful city-states; a man who looks extraordinarily similar to Leonardo Da Vinci takes advantage of an accident to impersonate the great master. But, as he does not possess Da Vinci’s talents, he soon realizes that if he wants to keep up the ruse he must appropriate the works of other artists. After savoring the advantages brought by his new name, the protagonist decides to employ the same methods used by the mighty of his time to preserve his newly acquired privileges.

The False Da Vinci is a suspenseful novel full of intrigues and crimes that plays with a possible/alternative past based on real events, and tries to get a closer look at the unresolved mysteries surrounding the figure of the great master: his private life, and the paradox that, in fact, he wasn’t just one man, but three, four, five, six…



Traducciones al español. Translations into Spanish:

El reto de Kim Iverson Headlee. Traducción: Olga Núñez Miret
El reto de Kim Iverson Headlee. Traducción: Olga Núñez Miret

El Reto de Kim Iverson

Una historia corta que forma parte del mundo de las leyendas del rey Arturo de la autora, una gran experta que nos acerca a unos personajes que tienen mucha más garra que los que recordamos de la niñez. Gyan es fabulosa.


El guante está echado. Una de las dos debe morir. Rendirse no es una opción.

Arturo el Gran Rey de Breatein está cautivo, presa de su vieja enemiga, Camilla, la princesa guerrera sajona, que ansía vengar la muerte de su prometido a manos de Gyan y que no se detendrá ante nada, ni siquiera la magia negra, para conseguir su objetivo. Gyan y Arturo se han distanciado, y ella teme que Arturo se ponga del lado de Camilla y la nombre su nueva reina.

Para enfrentarse al reto de Camilla, Gyan debe afrontar sus demonios—tanto los públicos como los privados.



Ligada de nuevo de Michelle Zulo
Ligada de nuevo de Michelle Zulo

Ligada de nuevo de Michele Zulo

Una novela BDSM, la primera en la exitosa serie Dominantes del FBI de la autora Michele Zurlo, llena de misterio, romance, y unos personajes que no olvidaréis.


Recuperarse después de la pérdida devastadora de su Maestro es más difícil de lo que Darcy había anticipado. Justo cuando más necesita a alguien, aparece un atractivo Dominante. Theo es considerado, dominante y exigente —exactamente lo que ella necesita. Él empuja sus barreras, pone a prueba sus límites, y la hace llegar a nuevas alturas. Gracias a él, ella recuerda lo que es sentir alegría, amor, y una mano firme en el trasero.

El agente Malcolm Legato persigue a un hombre de negocios corrupto, y Darcy puede facilitarle la entrada a lo más alto de la Corporación Snyder. Aunque él inicia su relación con ella con la intención de utilizarla para avanzar su investigación, no puede evitar enamorarse perdidamente de esta combativa sumisa, y sabe que le romperá el corazón cuando descubra que le ha estado mintiendo desde el principio.

Cuando todo se desmorone, ¿será Darcy capaz de encontrar la fortaleza necesaria para perdonar a Malcolm y construir una vida juntos? ¿Y sabrá hallar el valor requerido para conseguir hacerle justicia al hombre que amaba y que ha perdido?

Con nudos de cuerda y de argumento, esta historia repleta de acción os hará reír, llorar, y estremeceros por muy buenas razones. Con Ligada de nuevo, Michele Zurlo os ofrece una historia inteligente, atrevida y sexy.

Advertencias: Bondage, D/s, S/M, baile de salsa



Portada de Cuentos del jardín de Sally Cronin
Cuentos del jardín de Sally Cronin

Cuentos del jardín de Sally Cronin

Contemplamos nuestros jardines y pasamos el tiempo asegurándonos de que los setos estén perfectamente recortados y el césped como una alfombra. Parterres y rosas añaden el toque de color que nos tienta a sentarnos en una tumbona mientras inhalamos el aroma de las flores.

Pero puede que haya ojos vigilándonos y que tesoros secretos aún por descubrir se escondan bajo el viejo árbol del rincón. ¿Se han preguntado alguna vez por qué el gnomo del jardín está fuera de sitio o por qué algo brilla entre las hojas del seto?

Cuentos del jardín revela estos secretos y muchos más. Estatuas de piedra y mundos ocultos bajo tierra están a punto de compartir sus historias. Los guardianes que han mantenido a salvo el santuario durante más de cincuenta años les permitirán echar un vistazo tras las cortinas de este mágico lugar.

Les guiarán en un viaje a través del tiempo y ensancharán sus horizontes mientras les transportan a la tierra de las hadas, las mariposas y las almas perdidas que aquí han encontrado su hogar.

La próxima vez que pasen junto a la estatua cubierta de musgo al fondo del jardín, párense y tóquenla con la mano. ¿Han sentido ese latido?

Cuentos de hadas para niños de todas las edades, desde los cinco hasta los noventa y cinco que cambiarán para siempre la forma en que ven su jardín.

El libro está disponible en estas tiendas de Amazon.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon ES:

Expicación y Magia. Una fantasía urbana de Teagan Geneviene
Expicación y Magia. Una fantasía urbana de Teagan Geneviene

Os invito a visitar un curioso pueblo, donde la vida diaria se da la mano con los mitos y la magia. Una casa antigua, nuevos amigos, suspense y traición estarán esperando a Esmeralda cuando llegue a “Atonement, Tennessee” para quedarse.
Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

Descripción en inglés
The small town, Atonement, Tennessee is not as quaint as it seems. Humans and supernatural beings are drawn there to atone. It was the deeds of Esmeralda Lawton’s ancestor that pulled her there. Unknown magic and danger await!

El libro está disponible en todas las tiendas Amazon y lo podéis encontrar en este enlace:

Apart from translations, I’ve also done some editing/proofreading of translated books. If you’ve had your book translated to Spanish already but would like to have it checked for a second opinion, I’m happy to do that and I’d give you an estimate based on the length and complexity of the book (much lower than for a translation).

Además de traducciones, también he editado/corregido libros traducidos. Si os han traducido vuestro libro al inglés  y os gustaría que alguien le echara un vistazo, os podéis poner en contacto conmigo y yo os daré un precio según lo largo y lo complejo que sea el libro (mucho más bajo que por una traducción).

Muchas gracias a Mo de la Fuente por publicar este artículo en su blog hablando de la traducción.

Si os interesa tener información más detallada, aquí está una página de mi antiguo blog donde hablo sobre mis traducciones (y por cierto, en mi blog publico post en inglés y español así que también podéis encontrar más muestras):

Y si habéis llegado a esta página pero no sabéis nada de mí (ni de las cómo funcionan mis traducciones), podéis leer un poco más aquí.

If you’re interested in finding out more information, here is an article from my previous blog where I talk about my translations (and as I regularly post in Spanish and English you can also check for more samples of the kind of things I do):

La Novedad Más Esperada de Lucy Felthouse

La novedad más esperada

La vida de Catriona está descontrolada. Un instante es una exitosa banquera de inversiones con un piso a orillas del Támesis y una cuenta bancaria saneada, y al siguiente se ha convertido en una famosa autora. Bueno, más o menos. Ha escrito una novela de dominación femenina usando un pseudónimo, así que nadie sabe que fue ella. Su editorial se ha volcado en la campaña publicitaria, proclamando que su libro es “la novedad más esperada” y Catriona no consigue salir de su asombro. Especialmente porque ella no ha hecho ninguna de las cosas que ha descrito en su libro.

El día del lanzamiento del libro la puede la curiosidad, se va a una concurrida librería londinense y hace cola para comprarse un ejemplar, a pesar de tener una caja llena de copias de autor metida en el fondo de su armario. Allí conoce a Elijah. Todo cambia cuando durante su charla anodina él admite que está interesado en la dominación femenina, y su encuentro casual lleva a mucho más, ofreciéndole a Catriona la oportunidad de experimentar cosas sobre las que hasta entonces solo había fantaseado, además de la inspiración que necesita para escribir la secuela que su editor le está reclamando a voces.

Esta es la primera traducción al español de la obra de esta exitosa escritora inglesa.

Amazon (universal link)
Barnes & Noble
Eden Books
Google Books

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