New #audiobook Click Me Happy! A romantic novella with three endings now narrated by Afton Laidy Jordan

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As I’ve been telling you, as much as we love reading and seem to spend most of our days doing it, there’s also a current move towards making the most of our time by listening to things whilst we are busy driving, walking, running, exercising, doing chores… anything that isn’t too mentally demanding. There are podcasts, of course good old and new radio, and audiobooks.

Another one of my novels is now available as an audiobook (I have a few more on the making but it’s a bit of a laborious process).

Click Me Happy! Audiobook. Narrated by Afton Laidy Jordan
Click Me Happy! Audiobook. Narrated by Afton Laidy Jordan

Afton Laidy Jordan, who’s also narrated Twin Evils? decided to try my experimental romantic novella, where I decided to give the readers the option to choose between three endings.She gives the novella the fun and quirkiness it deserves. In case you don’t remember it or you joined me after its publication, here I give you Click Me Happy! A Romantic Novella with Three Endings
Lilith, the protagonist, does not believe in all that ‘romantic nonsense’. When her boss and friend, Debbie, asks her to create a digital books section for the library where they both work, she triggers a series of events that shake all of Lilith’s strongly held beliefs.

Her dislike for social networking is put to the test and despite her love for privacy and technological naïveté she manages to make a number of virtual connections. The most interesting one, without a question, is Zane, a talented and attractive author and painter. Their friendship quickly develops into something else. But, what exactly? Lilith doesn’t have a clue.

A bet with Rowena, her childhood best-friend, offers her an opportunity to test her feelings for Zane and their relationship, and a meeting, ‘real’ this time, is organised in the gorgeous setting of Bermuda.

At that point, you, the reader, have the choice. Do you want the story to end up happy ever after? Do you think there’s no chance for them? Or maybe you believe that there has to be more to life than romantic stories and a neutral ending or new beginning is more true to life? There are three endings for you to pick from. See what you think!


If you’ve never bought any audiobooks from Audible, you must check this great opportunity to get the audio for free.

You can listen to a sample in Soundcloud:

Or if you prefer, you can watch and listen to a video in You Tube.

I’m waiting for the Audible free codes, but let me know if you might be interested in one and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get them. (Ah, and don’t worry if you can’t resist the curiosity. Most of the readers go ahead and read the three endings;)

Thanks for reading, watching and listening, thanks to Afton for her fantastic work, and you know what to do, like, share, comment and CLICK!


#Nuevoaudiolibro UNA VEZ PSIQUIATRA. LOS INICIOS Narración de Camila Rivera. No os perdáis las muestras!

Hola a todos:

Ya os había comentado que estaba colaborando con varios narradores para convertir algunas de mis historias en audiolibros. Por fin os puedo comunicar que mi primer audiolibro en español, está disponible. En esta ocasión es un thriller, de misterio, la precuela a mi serie Una vez psiquiatra. Una vez psiquiatra. Los inicios narrada por Camila Rivera, que tiene una voz con mucho hechizo y os enganchará. Así que no me digáis que no tenéis tiempo para leer, porque con los audiolibros se puede hacer varias cosas a la vez. Pasear, hacer las tareas de la casa, cocinar, hacer ejercicio, ir en coche…

Os recuerdo de qué va la historia:

Una vez psiquiatra… Los inicios Olga Núñez Miret. Narración de Camila Rivera

¿Hasta dónde llegaría un escritor para conseguir una historia única? Esa es la cuestión que le plantea a la psiquiatra Mary Miller el primer misterio/thriller de su carrera. Conoce a los personajes principales de esta serie de thrillers psicológicos GRATIS y pon a prueba tu intuición y tu ingenio con esta novela corta sobre el precio de la ambición.

La doctora Mary Miller es una joven psiquiatra que sufre una crisis de vocación. Su amigo Phil, abogado criminalista que trabaja en Nueva York, la invita a visitarle y a asesorar a su bufete en el caso de un escritor al que acusan de un grave asalto. Su víctima llevaba tiempo acosándolo y acusándolo de haberle robado la historia de su vida, que él había convertido en un best-seller. El autor lo niega y alega autodefensa. Cuando la víctima muere, las cosas se complican aún más. La frontera entre la verdad y la ficción se difumina y secretos y mentiras salen a la luz.

Una vez psiquiatra… Los inicios es la precuela de Una vez psiquiatra… un volumen que recoge tres historias en las que Mary, con su experiencia como psiquiatra, ayuda a solucionar una variedad de casos, desde asuntos de religión y raza, pasando por el asesinato de un policía, y en la última historia, Mary se enfrenta cara a cara con un asesino en serie.

Si os gusta esta novela corta, no os olvidéis de que podéis leer más aventuras de Mary. Y aún quedan muchas por contar.

Enlaces:                   iTunes

Si queréis escuchar una muestra en Soundcloud:

Y aquí en You Tube:

Gracias a Camila Rivera y al productor por su gran tarea, gracias a todos vosotros por leer y escuchar, y si os ha  gustado, ya sabéis, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, haced CLIC! Ah, y cuando tenga códigos de descarga gratuitos ya os lo diré. 

Audiobooks Giveaway Miscellaneous

PenistoneFM (@penistonefm) Evolve project wins ITV’s The People’s projects. Would you like to listen to and review two of my #audiobooks? And a fantastic romantic #giveaway

Hi all:

Today’s post has a bit of everything.

First, big news! If you’ve been following my blog you’ll remember that a couple of weeks ago I shared the news that the local radio station I’ve been volunteering at, Penistone FM, and their Evolve proposal had been chosen as one of the projects going forward for ITV People’s Project. And, the results are in, and we’ve won!

I leave  you a couple of links where you can read more about their project and see a video from ITV showing when they visited Penistone FM (don’t worry, I wasn’t there, although I think all my colleagues did a great job) to tell them they’d won. So, if you’re curious to see what the place looks like, this is your chance!

Second. The good news about Penistone FM got me thinking about listening to things. Recently I finally got free codes for my two newest audios (three more of my novels are being turned into audios at the moment, fingers crossed), both for and  So if any of you would like to listen to them, do let me know.  I don’t think I’ll run out of codes, but just in case, let me know as soon as you can.  I’ll need your e-mail addresses as I need to send you the codes and the instructions, but if you prefer not to leave them here, you can contact me directly at (I leave you a reminder at the end of the post). I leave you some samples and information so you can make your mind up.
A thriller, about obsession, strange relationships and voyeurism:

Family, Lust and Cameras Audiobook narrated by LaDawn Black
Family, Lust and Cameras Audiobook narrated by LaDawn Black

Family, Lust and Cameras by Olga Núñez Miret. Narrated by LaDawn Black

Do you enjoy spying on others? Do you think it’s harmless?

Pat thought she’d left her past behind and started a new life. But one doesn’t get rid of voyeurism, obsessions and family quite that easily. Sometimes one has to adopt drastic measures to survive the harassment of a man, particularly a man like Herman. And this time Pat is determined to win, whatever the price.

In this world where technology dominates our lives, we’re never alone and privacy doesn’t exist, this novella more than a work of fiction is a warning about the dangers that haunt us in our own homes. How far would you be prepared to go to get revenge from somebody intent on controlling your life?

Author and psychiatrist Olga Núñez Miret brings us another story where the character’s motives and the inner-workings of their brains will keep you guessing. Brief, tense and with no flourishes, the story will keep you reading non-stop till the end.

If you’re fans of ‘Psycho’, ‘Peeping Tom’ and ‘Single White Female’ and are fascinated and repelled in equal degree by ‘Big Brother’ this adult story will get you hooked.

What would happen if your life became The rear window? How far would you be prepared to go to get revenge from somebody intent on controlling your life?

The audiobook version, narrated by LaDawn Black brings the action and its disturbing effects, even closer home. Audible. Apple (i-Tunes)

If you want to listen to a sample in Sound Cloud:

And if you prefer a You-Tube video:

And a sweet romance:

I Love Your Cupcakes Audiobook
I Love Your Cupcakes Audiobook narrated by Gwyn Olson

I Love Your Cupcakes by Olga Núñez Miret. Narrated by Gwyn Olson

Dulce, Adelfa and Storm, the protagonists of I Love Your Cupcakes are business partners, friends and share some “interesting” family connections. All the men Dulce meets only want to talk about her cakes and she’s tired of it. Her friend Adelfa, although she’s a Chemistry Professor, can’t manage to find the recipe for the perfect relationship. And Storm, the third of the partners of their bakery/coffee shop/bookshop/art gallery and ex-fire station, is an artist who is not a master in the art of love. How could they imagine that at the TV studio of the program “Do You Have What it Takes to Be the Next Baking Star?” they’d find sexual harassment, cheats, fights and also love? Recipes included (only for cakes, not love!)

Glyn Olson and Red Rose Studio have done a fantastic job bringing my novel to life. You’ll be able to smell the cakes, laugh with their adventures, and fall in love… Amazon Apple i-Tunes

If you’ve never tried Audible before, this is a great promotion.

You can listen to a sample directly in Sound Cloud:

If you prefer to watch the You Tube video:

I don’t think I’ve shared this review, but just in case you want to read an opinion:

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

What a fun book this was! Starting with a colorful, tantalizing cover, Ms. Núñez Miret’s story immediately drew me in. In it, Dulce and Adelfa are best friends and, coincidentally, half sisters (It’s complicated!). Dulce has dabbled in one profession after another; Adelfa has had trouble with men. Together they finally get their acts together by starting a cupcake and cake business, proving the age-old adage, “when things are meant to be” they just happen lickety-split.

Using an old, 1878 abandoned firehouse, they develop a community-based, fun-filled bakery, where books are offered to the public as well as good cheer. All is going swimmingly when they are invited to participate in a televised Hollywood bake off. The reader is then treated to the inner workings of shows such as this––some of it wonderful, some of it not so good. As the contestants get to know one another, romance blossoms for our heroines, bringing happiness full circle for all. If you want to read a highly entertaining, feel-good book, I definitely recommend this one!


Romance Giveaway Promo

And for the giveaway. Fabulous and generous author Marie Lavender who’s been a guest in this blog and its predecessor often and who’s always trying to enhance readers’ experience by bringing together and promoting the work of as many authors as possible, is organising a giveaway of romantic novels, all genres, for the 29th of March. She’s organised an event in Facebook. Check here . She’s still looking for authors, so if you’ve written a romantic story and would be happy to gift or send some copies out and get closer to readers, head over to her website (or I can give you her e-mail address). And readers, do join in for a chance to get an incredible variety of romantic novels, your choice! I can say that I’ve connected with great readers and met many authors through Marie’s giveaways, so don’t miss this chance.

Here a few more places where you can connect with her:
Amazon author page:

Marie Lavender truly knows how to organise a giveaway
Marie Lavender truly knows how to organise a giveaway

Thanks very much for reading (and listening), for your votes for Penistone FM, and if you’ve enjoyed this post, like, share, comment, CLICK, and if you want a free code for the audiobooks, just leave a reply or send me an e-mail at: (I’ll need your e-mail address to send you the code and the instructions). If you listen to them, a review would be welcome! And don’t forget to participate in the giveaway!

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