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#TuesdayBookBlog Two short books for authors by Gisela Hausmann (@Naked_Determina) worth their weight in gold #Amwriting #Bookreviews

Hi all:

Although I tend to write more about other people’s books than about my own, I know you know I’m an author (or at least some of you know). I have the best of intentions and always want to learn what to do to sell more books, but I normally get sidetracked and end up reading about something else. But when I came across those two books (there are more in the series), they had the advantage of being short, and although I know not everybody will like the writer’s style, I did, so here are the reviews and a bit about the author.

First, the author:

Author Gisela Hausman
Author Gisela Hausman

About the author:

Her motto:
“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”-Napoleon Hill

Gisela Hausmann is an email evangelist, a PR coach, a communication expert and a life skills artist.

Born to be an adventurer, she also co-piloted single-engine planes, produced movies, and worked in the industries of education, construction, and international transportation. Gisela’s friends and fans know her as a woman who goes out to seek the unusual and rare adventure.

A unique mixture of wild risk-taker and careful planner, Gisela globe-trotted almost 100,000 kilometers on three continents, including to the locations of her favorite books: Doctor Zhivago’s Russia, Heinrich Harrer’s Tibet, and Genghis Khan’s Mongolia.

She is also the winner of the
2016 Sparky Award “Best Subject Line” (industry award)
2017 Finalist IAN Book of the Year Awards
2016 Honorary Mention Readers Favorite Awards
2016 International Book Awards Finalist
2016 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist
2015 Kindle Book Awards Finalist
2014 Gold Readers’ Favorite Award
2013 Bronze eLit Awards

Gisela Hausmann graduated with a master’s degree in Film & Mass Media from the University of Vienna. She now lives in Greenville, South Carolina. She tweets at @Naked_Determina

And, the books:

The Little Blue Book for Authors: 53 Dos & Don’ts Nobody Is Telling You by Gisela Hausmann
The Little Blue Book for Authors: 53 Dos & Don’ts Nobody Is Telling You by Gisela Hausmann

The Little Blue Book for Authors: 53 Dos & Don’ts Nobody Is Telling You by Gisela Hausmann

In times of hyped promises, many marketing organizations don’t tell “everything,” especially in the self-publishing industry.
In this short book, Gisela Hausmann, a 29-year industry veteran, author of the naked (no-fluff) book series, and Amazon top reviewer reveals 53 rarely published facts that will help indie authors to avoid costly mistakes and market their books cheaper and more effectively.

•Basic Warnings
•Editing & Covers
•About Influencers
•Book Promotions on Social Media Platforms
•Book Reviews
•Communicating with Influencers
•Book Marketing
•What’s Overrated and What’s Underrated

My review:

Considering I am an author, I don’t read enough books about how to sell books or marketing (I read articles and blog posts about writing, but not many books) and although I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, I had decided to try and at least read ‘some’ books on the industry, especially because I have quite a few already waiting to be read.

Very recently, in one of the regular newsletters I get offering book promotions (I’m always intrigued to see what is being promoted, and one never knows when we’ll discover the next big thing), I came across this book. I could not resist but had to check the Look Inside feature, and I liked the style. I also liked the fact that it is very short and it could be read during a short break and as it was cheap… well, there was not much to lose.

This book might be too direct for authors who have just started, as some of the things the author assumes we all know, novel authors might not know yet, but for most of the rest, I think it can help clarify things.

Hausmann takes no prisoners, and you might or might not like her style and approach (she says things as she sees them. That does not mean they are necessarily right, as different people look for different things and have different experiences…) but if you would prefer to cut to the chase, her book might be the one for you. It might give you permission to do things you’ve been thinking about for a while but nobody had dared come out with them straight, or you might agree to disagree, but I’m sure if you’re an author, it will give you pause, and it won’t waste too much of your time.

As the book is very short, I cannot share much of it. She does talk about blogging and says there is no much point in rehashing the usual content or in spending time reading posts that say the same you’ve read thousands of times before. Here is what she recommends:

Stop following and listening to people who whine.

Follow all bloggers who offer data, facts, and real insights about book marketing. (Hint: Look for numbers.)

As I said, this is not a book for everybody, but I recommend all authors with little time but interested on reading something about the industry to check it and see if they connect with the author’s style. She made me think and nod quite a few times.


The Little Blue Book for Authors: 101 Clues to Get More Out of Facebook by Gisela Hausmann
The Little Blue Book for Authors: 101 Clues to Get More Out of Facebook by Gisela Hausmann

The Little Blue Book for Authors: 101 Clues to Get More Out of Facebook by Gisela Hausmann

Tens of thousands of authors network on Facebook. Most of them complain that many of their friends and fans don’t see their postings.

Gisela Hausmann, author of the naked, no-fluff book series for authors reveals 101 Clues to get more out of Facebook.

My review:

I’m an author and after reading another one of Hausmann’s books The Little Blue Book for Authors: 53 Dos & Don’ts Nobody Is Telling You I was curious to read more of her advice (especially as her book are so short and easy to fit into anybody’s reading schedule).

I admit that I can’t keep up with the changes on Facebook. I’m not sure I ever got a handle on it, to begin with. I avoided it before I started publishing, and now, although I have a personal and an author page, I tend to use it mostly to connect with readers and other authors (yes, and friends) through messenger. It’s also useful to know when people’s birthdays are, and I share my reviews there, but I’ve never been savvy as to how to use it to sell anything…

Hausmann’s book is not a book about Facebook advertising. It is mostly about what you see on Facebook, how you can influence what you and others see on Facebook, and the way to ensure that your posts have the best chance to be seen (be warned, that chance is very small). She warns us about our online activity (it does define us and it’s forever there, especially if other people like or share our content, as we might be able to delete something from our site but not from other people’s sites. Recently, an author asked me to remove his old picture from one of my old review posts and I did, but I thought it was a useless exercise and wondered how he expected to trace everybody who might have been in contact with his page at the time), reminds us that Facebook is not a non-profit organization, and tells us that if we want it to work for us, we must align ourselves with its goals (not the other way round, because it won’t happen. No point in moaning about it. Facebook is not there to help us).

This book is written in the author’s direct style, and I’d advise anybody thinking about buying the book to check the Look Inside feature before buying it. I suspect it is a bit of a marmite kind of book: some people will love it and others loathe it. Personally, it made me think and made me consider my strategy, and I’d recommend it to authors who like her style and are looking for brief and easy to follow advice.

I leave you with one of her gems (and it is a profoundly personal book, so it will not work for everybody):

No, I do not believe that creating a perfect landing page, posting the usual content, and buying Facebook ads leads to success for indie authors.


Thanks to the author, thanks to all of you for reading and remember to like, share, comment, click, and REVIEW!

[amazon_link asins=’1983781975,B075R4VPNB,0996897275,0996897283,0996389342,B00XJYY80C,0986403431,0991272404′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wwwauthortran-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’faaed18c-14e4-11e8-8a22-330bee7017ce’]


Guest author post

#TuesdayBookBlog Celebrate your new book release by running a #Giveaway. PARALLEL LIES by Georgia Rose (@GeorgiaRoseBook)

Dear all:

I’ve been trying not to post too many things recently, but today I had to make an exception, as I have a very special guest post to share with you that I thought both readers and writers would enjoy. The fabulous Georgia Rose tells us about her experience running giveaways, and of course, I asked her to also tell us a bit about her most recent book, Parallel Lies. I leave you in her very capable hands!

Celebrate your new book release by running a #Giveaway – Parallel Lies by Georgia Rose

To celebrate the launch of my latest novel, Parallel Lies, I decided to have a little fun and run a Giveaway via Rafflecopter. I chose Rafflecopter because that was the Giveaway widget thing I’d seen on blogs all over and I’m not sure if there even is anyone else who provides a similar service.

I had been thinking about this Giveaway for some considerable time and had collected items for it for a while. As an example I wasn’t planning on publishing until September but in February, because that is when they are around, I was buying heart shaped chocolates – in fact I could have sworn I also had some heart shaped marshmallows from that time but they don’t seem to have made it into the final prize photo… ahem… moving on…

I continued to look out for suitable additions and bought them as I went along. Notepads decorated with hearts and some really cute thank you cards (avec hearts!) joined the pile. I bought these extras because although I already knew I was going to offer all of my paperbacks I wanted to make the prize as appealing as possible.

Even with all my planning there was a small misjudgement as come photo taking day the paperbacks for Parallel Lies had not arrived but I made do with the kindle version and made it very clear on the entry form that the kindle was NOT included!

Giveaways a go go!

You can run Giveaways for free via Rafflecopter, but your choices on what you want the entrant to do are limited and I wanted to get specific things out of the Giveaway, so there are also various levels of upgrade. After checking with them that a) I could do what I wanted to do when I upgraded, and b) I only needed to upgrade for a month (and finding Rafflecopter incredibly helpful in the process) I went ahead.

By upgrading to the Grow option it meant I could customise the entry requirements because I wanted two things:

  1. To have one of the options to be the purchase of Parallel Lies,
  2. To have one of the options to be for the entrant to sign up to my newsletter.

Other than that I chose the usual, visiting me on Facebook, following me on Twitter and sharing on Twitter options.

Rafflecopter have done a superb job of making the setting up of a Giveaway really easy. They say that it is up front, but you know, people say that all the time and it isn’t necessarily true – however I’m delighted to say, this was.

Adding the prize details, the photo and then the entry requirements was a piece of…, well, very simple and straightforward. You get to choose how many entry points to allot to each entry requirement. I made my main two 5 points each and the others all 1. This, I think, was a mistake and in hindsight I’d have made the buying of Parallel Lies a larger number, as a bigger enticement.

Rafflecopter can also automate the entries that sign up to your newsletter, which is a feature I love, and it means that the email addresses of anyone who does enter this bit get put directly onto your newsletter list with Mailchimp (other email providers are available) and you don’t have to do a thing. Bliss!

You set the dates of when you want the Giveaway to run and deal with the terms and conditions and that’s it. You are given an embed code so that you can put it on your website or in any blog posts. You are shown how to insert it into a Facebook page and you are given a link for if you just want to link it here and there.

The positives that came out of running this were:

  • I really enjoyed it!
  • There were a lot of sign-ups to my newsletter, which was tremendous.
  • There was a lot of interaction on Facebook and the real surprise was the increase in the number of ‘likes’ for my Facebook page as that wasn’t a necessity.
  • Entrants also did a lot of sharing of the Giveaway on Facebook, which was lovely of them.

I should also add that there were a few people on Facebook who were confused about whether they had entered correctly and another great feature of Rafflecopter is that you can go and look at the entries to check whether someone’s name is on there or not.

The lessons learnt were:

  • There was a disappointingly low take up of the ‘purchasing my book’ option so it would be interesting to see if increasing the number of points this was worth would improve the numbers willing to take a chance on a new book/new author.
  • I should maybe have run it over a shorter period of time. It was going for over 3 weeks and I’d lost impetuous in that time in promoting it. It appeared on all the blog posts in the blog tour I had running up to the launch and then there was a bit of a lull before the final push for entries.
  • I’m sure there must have been others but they escape me at the moment!

Rafflecopter do the whole dipping their hand into the virtual hat brimming with entries at the end so that keeps it all above board and they even announce the winner on the entry form.

Running a Giveaway is an investment in time, prizes, postage etc but you have control over how big or small you want to make those and can tailor what you do accordingly. I was certainly delighted with the results of the one I ran and would definitely do it again. This one was held to celebrate the publication of my fourth novel, Parallel Lies, which is here.

Parallel Lies by Georgia Rose
Parallel Lies by Georgia Rose


My name is Madeleine, Madeleine Ross. It is a name chosen with thought and because it is classy, and that is what is needed here…

Madeleine Ross has life exactly as she planned it.

Cosy cottage, friendly village, satisfying job.

Company… when she wants it.

It’s an enviable existence for an independent young woman, and one she’s keen to protect.

Enter Daniel – strong, dependable and a danger to everything she’s built. He’s not something she was looking for, but hearts can’t be controlled and maybe, just maybe he might be worth letting into hers.

But, all is not what it seems. Because Madeleine is hiding a lifetime of secrets. Deep secrets.

And they never stay buried for ever.

Her darkest secret returns, like the proverbial bad penny. He is her first love, shadowy, dangerous, the baddest of bad boys. No matter how far she runs, or how well she hides, she can never escape him.

Or her past.

Here he is, on her doorstep, with a proposition she is powerless to resist but which could devastate the future she hoped to have.

Can Madeleine satisfy the old love while keeping the new?

You can’t always get what you want but, desperate to preserve the life she has worked so hard for, Madeleine is willing to risk everything to prove that she can.

You can get Parallel Lies, or check out the reviews, here

I’d love to hear of your experiences of Giveaways, either running or entering them?

If you want to get in touch with Georgia Rose, here are some links:

Author of The Grayson Trilogy

Follow on Twitter: @GeorgiaRoseBook

Georgia Rose on Facebook: Facebook

The Grayson Trilogy page on Facebook: The Grayson Trilogy FB Page

Google + Pinterest Instagram Goodreads

Thanks so much to Georgia Rose for her post, thanks to all of you for reading, and remember to like, share, comment, click and REVIEW!


Promoción de libros Promoción especial

#Promociones de temporada y para celebrar ocasiones y fiestas. ¿Las habéis probado?

Hola a todos:

No sé si os pasa como a mí, que si veo algo interesante pero no tengo tiempo de mirármelo con calma, a veces lo guardo por ahí, a la espera del mágico momento cuando tendré tiempo y lo estudiaré con calma. Ese momento rara vez llega, pero…

Acabo de leerme un libro de tema navideño, y me hizo pensar en las campañas promocionales de temporada, que he notado quizás se llevan más en otros sitios (u otro tipo de productos). Sí, es cierto que para San Valentín la gente suele promocionar romances, y en Navidad proponen sus libros como regalos, pero…

Hace algo más de un año, me suscribí a un servicio que ofrecía Sandra Beckwith (si leéis en inglés, aquí podéis echarle un vistazo a su web, donde ofrece muchos recursos de marketing y promoción, aunque ella se dedica más a la no ficción) en el que, pagando muy poco (creo que era $1) te enviaba por correo cada día un tip de marketing para libros. Lo que decidí hacer fue crear un documento, y aunque el año no ha terminado, tengo muchos. Se me ocurrió ver qué recomendaba para montar campañas de temporada…

  • Una de sus recomendaciones es que os pongáis en contacto con revistas, diarios, blogs… que publiquen artículos sobre los temas de vuestro libro que sean relevantes a las fiestas u ocasiones con varios meses de antelación, ya que muchas tendrán un programa de publicaciones que seguir (y al que madruga Dios le ayuda, vamos).
  • Otra de sus recomendaciones, que me parece muy interesante, quizás más para gente que escribe no ficción, pero depende del tema de los libros, es que identifiquéis temas de temporada o relevantes a ciertas fiestas u ocasiones, en vuestro libro (por ejemplo si sois expertos en relaciones, para San Valentín, o en duelo para Todos Santos) y escribáis artículos relevantes, presentándoos como expertos en el tema, y ofreciéndoos a dar entrevistas a la prensa, o a participar en conferencias, jornadas informativas… Ella ofrece un enlace a uno de sus posts, aquí .
  • Una recomendación que me parece muy interesante es usar un calendario que marque las vacaciones locales para poder organizar campañas (aunque sea compartir tweets especialmente diseñados, por ejemplo) relevantes. Como todos sabéis, hoy en día lo de la promoción y venta es un asunto global, y no siempre conocemos los eventos o fechas significativas en otros lugares. Ella recomienda este calendario. Como sé que muchos publicáis también en inglés, seguro que os sirve, y si conocéis algún otro, no dudéis en compartirlo.
  • Esta es una sugerencia mía, aunque no os puedo decir si funciona maravillosamente, pero el hecho de que no tengáis una obra que sea directamente del género típico para una ocasión (por ejemplo un romance para San Valentín, o una novela navideña en Diciembre) no quiere decir que no podáis promocionar vuestras obras para esas ocasiones. Siempre habrá gente que esté harta de que le recomienden romances por San Valentín, o de que todo sea nieve y buena voluntad en Diciembre. Así que, ¿por qué no recomendar novelas de terror para San Valentín…’si os asustan los romances’ o un thriller para Navidad… ‘por si os entran ganas de cometer algún asesinato durante las reuniones familiares…’?
Gracias a por sus magníficas fotos gratuitas

Muchas gracias a Sandra Beckwith por sus consejos y por la inspiración, gracias a vosotros por leer, y ya sabéis, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid y haced CLIC!


#Autor, deberías pensar en traducir tu libro?

Hola a todos:

Como algunos de vosotros ya sabréis, aparte de publicar posts y artículos en este blog y en algún otro, soy escritora y traduzco libros del español al inglés y del inglés al español. Hace unos meses participé en una feria de libros en Gales, y como parte de las actividades adicionales me pidieron que hablara sobre traducciones y preparé unas notas. Aunque la charla es un poco larga para un solo post, se me ocurrió que podría compartir al menos una parte que trata sobre posibles razones por las que uno podría querer traducir su libro.

¿Por qué iba a querer un autor traducir sus libros?

  • Todos sabemos que nos enfrentamos a mucha competencia al intentar vender nuestros libros. Hacer que estén disponibles para una audiencia mayor es siempre buena idea. En el caso específico del inglés, hay más de 400 millones de personas que lo hablan como lengua materna (en 67 países) y más de 600 millones como segunda lengua. Es el lenguaje oficial en muchísimas instituciones internacionales.
  • Naturalmente eso también quiere decir que hay muchísimos libros publicados en inglés. Pero es cierto que el inglés abre las puertas a mercados en crecimiento con mucho potencial (como India) y ciertos servicios, por ejemplo usar opciones como Fiberead para traducir para el mercado chino, o ACX  para audios es mucho más fácil a partir de un libro en inglés. Y algunas opciones de marketing como Bookbub o NetGalley solo están disponibles (al menos de momento) exclusivamente para libros escritos en inglés.
  • Como pasa en inglés, también hay blogs, páginas de Facebook, reseñadores, reporteros, críticos, escritores y lectores que buscan libros en inglés. Y aunque yo sigo y me siguen muchos escritores españoles en Twitter, por ejemplo, mi lista de autores en inglés es muchísimo más larga. Y he conectado con blogs fabulosos y mucha gente que organiza eventos conjuntos, promociones conjuntas de libros, audios, etc…
  • Una nunca sabe cuando puede sonar la flauta por casualidad o por pura suerte. Seguramente muchos conocéis a Enrique Laso, cuyos libros se han traducido a muchos idiomas y que me comentó que aunque no sabe por qué, sus libros traducidos al griego han sido un gran éxito. Es imposible saber qué tema o personaje puede conectar con un mercado específico. Y todos conocemos historias de cantantes o directores de cine que son mucho más populares en otros países que en el suyo.
  • He leído muchos posts en los que autores comentaban  lo emocionante que es el ver tu primer libro publicado, y en el caso de la versión en papel, el tocarlo con tus propias manos. Bueno, pues tengo que confesar que el ver uno de mis libros traducido para el mercado chino me hizo mucha ilusión. (Aunque en Amazon.Chn no lo podáis comprar pero… ) Y aquí está.

    Twin Evils? Chinese cover. Of course it's also available in English and in Spanish as 'Gemela Maldad'
    Gemela Maldad, portada para el mercado chino. Por supuesto también disponible en inglés con el título Twin Evils?
  • Conozco a autores que están trabajando en crear versiones bilingües de sus libros y eso es una gran opción para promocionarlo como libro de ayuda para aprender los dos idiomas (doble mercado).

Gracias a todos por leer, y si os ha interesado, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, y haced CLIC! Ah, y si alguno de vuestros libros está disponible en traducción al inglés, publico una seria de entrevistas sobre el tema en otro blog (aquí) y me encantaría incluiros a vosotros y a vuestro libro. 

Olga Núñez Miret


Novedades literarias

Dos #novedadesliterarias de @enriquelaso. Consejos para autores y crímenes fascinantes.

Hola  todos:

Los viernes, como ya sabéis, es día de novedades literarias y de presentaros a autores. Hay autores y autoras que nos visitan a menudo, y nos deleitan con la variedad de su obra. Hoy, Enrique Laso que nos ha visitado unas cuantas veces, nos trae dos libros que están disponibles en pre-orden, y podéis aprovechar para conseguirlos a precio de ganga. Uno es especialmente para autores interesados en conocer los métodos de márketing que usan los escritores de bestsellers. Y el otro, una gran idea para un thriller. Como sucede a veces en las series televisivas, dos de sus personajes más exitosos, el padre Salas y Ethan Bush, se enfrentan juntos a un crimen muy especial.

Bueno, no os doy más la lata. Aquí están los libros:

Como he vendido 500000 ebooks de Enrique Laso
Cómo he vendido 500000 ebooks de Enrique Laso

CÓMO HE VENDIDO 500.000 EBOOKS by Enrique Laso 


Esta es una guía que atiende a los cientos de mensajes que recibo mensualmente de autores que se inician en la autopublicación o de otros que llevan un tiempo pero que desean ir un paso más lejos.
Esta es mi experiencia, y no tiene que ser, ni mucho menos, válida para todos los escritores. Yo he tejido un entramado complejo de seudónimos, acuerdos con traductores, esfuerzo constante y lanzamiento de infinidad de títulos cada año. Aunque es verdad que en los últimos tiempos he tenido la suerte de vender muchos libros, me ha costado años.

También me ha servido de gran ayuda mi experiencia, durante dos décadas, como experto en marketing, y mis amplias relaciones con muchas agencias y medios online.
En este manual abordo mi método, mi manera de planificar, mi estrategia global como autor y algunas herramientas que utilizo para, al fin, haber alcanzado mi sueño desde niño: poder vivir de escribir.
Espero que disfrutes con la lectura, que encuentres tu camino y que esta guía te ayude a alcanzar tu propio éxito.


 Enlace internacional:

Crímenes diabólicos de Enrique Laso
Crímenes diabólicos de Enrique Laso

Crímenes Diabólicos: Un caso para Ethan Bush y el padre Salas by Enrique Laso

OBSEQUIO: ‘EL PADRE SALAS’ (incluida en el mismo volumen)
En varios condados de Texas están apareciendo cadáveres de jóvenes que han sido sometidas a un extraño ritual. Uno de los detectives asignado al caso decide, desesperado, recurrir a un cura mexicano que está considerado el mejor exorcista de toda América: el padre Salas. Entretanto, el FBI envía desde la factoría de Quántico a uno de sus mejores agentes de la Unidad de Análisis de Conducta, Ethan Bush, para colaborar en la investigación y crear un perfil del asesino en serie.
Una novela en la que se dan la mano la investigación, la intriga, los sucesos paranormales y el terror. Dos de los personajes más carismáticos creados por Enrique Laso, el agente especial Ethan Bush y el padre Salas, se encuentra en Texas para echar una mano a la policía en una endiablada investigación. Una novela escrita por la petición expresa de miles de lectores en todo el mundo.

Por si aún no lo hacéis, os dejo la página del autor en Amazon, y así podéis estar informados de todas sus novedades:

Gracias a Enrique por estos dos libros tan distintos, gracias a vosotros por leer, y ya sabéis, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid, y haced CLIC!

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