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#TuesdayBookBlog WHEN EMMA CAME TO STAY: WHEN FAMILY TIES UNCOVER FAMILY LIES BY CHERYL WATERS (@cheryl_writes) A light and upbeat romantic story, with family secrets and wish-fulfilment included #RBRT

Hi all:

I bring you a lighter read than I have you accustomed to and another one from Rosie’s Book Review Team. Don’t forget to visit her blog!

When Emma Came to Stay by Cheryl Waters

When Emma Came to Stay: When family ties uncover family lies by Cheryl Waters

Emma’s just turned thirty. She’s just lost her job. And she’s just as single as she always is. Fortunately, her beloved Aunt Maude – a fun-loving septuagenarian – lives in the south of France. It’s just what Emma needs: time to swim in the sea that sparkles, let the sun kiss her skin, and to work out what she wants and where she’s going.

When yacht-owning Marc comes sailing into her life, Emma can’t believe her luck! But there is something she just can’t work out about him…

When her fun-loving aunt ends up in hospital Emma learns that Maude has her own secrets. Just how did her aunt come to have a masterpiece in her attic?

As this delightful corner of France wraps Emma (and us) up in its charms, we wonder if Marc is all that she wants – or is true love somewhat closer to home?

Author Cheryl Waters

About the author:

Born in London, Cheryl grew up in Cheshire. Cheryl married Phil in 1991 and that same year they moved to Scotland where they both worked in Edinburgh & grew a family of two children. In 2011, with the young adults off at University, Cheryl’s dream of living in France became a reality.

Renovating an early 19th-century farmhouse, in 2014 Cheryl & Phil made the permanent move to the Creuse region of southwest France, opening their B&B.

Whilst Cheryl had talked of writing a novel for many years, between the demands of full-time work and all that comes with a young family, there never seemed to be the time.

Moving to France brought the opportunity of a (slightly) quieter lifestyle, and then Coronavirus arrived, pausing the world, halting the B&B and delivering long stretches of precious free time! So, one such time- led day, Cheryl typed an opening sentence into the computer. After eighteen months of writing, re-writing, and learning how to publish later the debut novel; “In My Mother’s Footsteps” was ready.

What was originally a dream to simply write a book “one day” had become a tangible result. Cheryl plans to continue, with the idea for a second book now well underway. If you would like to contact Cheryl, she would love to hear from you.

My review:

I write this review as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team (author, check here if you are interested in getting your book reviewed) and thank her and the author for this opportunity, and, in this case, for providing me with an early paperback review copy of the novel.

I tend to read a lot of thrillers and heavy-going psychological novels, and I fancied something light and gentle, and this novel hit the right spot in that respect.

The description provides quite a few clues as to what to expect. There are a variety of elements that converge in this novel: we have romances (yes, more than one); we have second chances (for several of the characters involved); we have secrets, lies, and plenty of reveals (not impossible to work out, but they add interest to the story and keep it moving); we have a bit of the adult coming of age story for the protagonist, Emma (whose priorities change massively after losing both, her long-term boyfriend and her long-term job quite by surprise), but, for me, this is mostly a wish fulfilment novel. Not for everybody, of course, because some people would, perhaps, hate the lifestyle the protagonist chooses/finds herself thrown into, but many people will, at some point, have probably wished they could just leave everything behind, move to a different country, and have a go at making a living in a totally different way, in a wonderful setting, staying in a nice house, finding a (new) loving relationship, and acquiring a perfect (if somewhat unconventional) family. If you are one of those people, you are likely to enjoy this novel. There is no explicit sex, and although Emma’s aunt, Maude, can be a bit outrageous at times, the language used if fairly mild. I won’t say it is unlikely to offend anybody, because I know that is a very personal thing, and a few of the situations and behaviours in the story might not sit well with some readers. I definitely wasn’t offended and didn’t mind Maude’s funny banter, which I find good-humored and endearing.

My favourite things in this book were: the setting, although those who hate long descriptions don’t need to worry, as there aren’t many and they aren’t excessively detailed either; the upbeat attitude of Emma and most of the characters, who take things in their stride, and although they might experience doubts and hesitations, they eventually decide to take a chance and take risks to try to improve things; the characters, especially Maude, who is wonderful. She is youthful, colourful, has a great sense of fun and joy, and is determined to enjoy life and unwilling to slow down due to her age or her ailments. Some of the other characters are somewhat thinly drawn, as the story (other than when it comes to Maude and her past) is very much focused on what is happening now, and we only get rare glimpses of what life has been like for the rest of the characters. But I liked them all well enough, and the main protagonist, Emma, is kind, generous, and it is easy to root for her. This is not a heavy novel, as I have mentioned, and it doesn’t go into the deep psychological reasons for the characters’ actions, and none of them are depicted as particularly complex. There is the typical will they/won’t they situation regarding one of the romances, but the obstacles are not insurmountable, and this isn’t a heavy melodrama where suffering and tragedy play a big part, thankfully.

Was there anything I disliked? Although most of the events are told from Emma’s point of view, and the whole story is narrated in the third person, there are also parts of the story where we get to see what some of the other characters think and feel. That adds to the mystery and to the tension in some cases, as we realise what is going to happen but don’t really know how it is going to come about, but because the swap in point of view can happen from one paragraph to the next and without any clear separation or indication of the change, some readers might get a feeling of head-hopping and take issue with it. Due to the nature of the story and to the rhythm of the narration, I didn’t have any difficulty following the thread and didn’t get lost despite these changes, but I thought I’d warn readers, just in case that might be a serious problem for them.

The other issue I had, and I am aware that it might have to do with my book being an early copy and a paperback at that (and I know formatting can be a nightmare sometimes), was that there were a large number of typos and similar issues (dialogue apostrophes missing, the same or similar word repeated several times in a paragraph…) that could be easily solved by a further round of proofreading if that hasn’t happened already. The writing itself is easy to follow, and there is plenty of everyday life reflected in the story, which follows the rhythm and the chronology of the seasons, and the ending is… well, happy as it should be, with no ifs or buts.

If you’ve always dreamed of changing your life completely and finding the perfect adoptive family, in a beautiful setting, with a good dose of romance and good cheer thrown in, I would recommend you to check this book. It will make you smile.

Thanks to the author and her publishers for the novel, thanks to Rosie and her team for their support, and, of course, most of all, thanks to you for reading, commenting, liking, sharing, and keeping me going. Stay safe and never forget to keep smiling!

Novedades literarias

#Novedadesliterarias Perdido en tu piel de Isabel Acuña (@Isacrisacu) No se puede escapar del pasado

Hola a todos:

Como sabéis los viernes os traigo novedades literarias, y hoy he decidido traeros una novela de Isabel Acuña, una escritora colombiana de mucho éxito a la que conozco de diversos grupos y a la que me encuentro en Twitter muy a menudo. Cuando vi que promocionaba esta obra decidí que debía traérosla.

Primero, por si no conocéis a esta autora, un poco de información sobre ella.

Autora Isabel Acuña
Autora Isabel Acuña

Isabel Acuña.
Nació en Bogotá, Colombia. Estudió Bacteriología, carrera que ejerció por más de quince años. Actualmente está radicada en la ciudad de Barranquilla, donde escribe su próxima novela.
Es una apasionada de la lectura desde los once años, cuando recibió su primera novela de regalo: María, de Jorge Isaacs. Además de leer le encanta escribir. Fue participante del Taller Literario José Félix Fuenmayor hace tres años.
Publicó la novela DE VUELTA A TU AMOR en la plataforma de Amazon el 27 de enero de 2013 ocupando casi enseguida los primeros puestos en la categoría de Best Sellers en Romántica Contemporánea y permaneciendo en el Top 100 general de dicha plataforma durante más de ciento cuarenta días.
Publicó el epílogo DE VUELTA A TU AMOR llamado LA UNIÓN a pedido de sus lectoras el 25 de septiembre del 2013.
Publicó DE VUELTA A TU AMOR/LA UNIÓN el 18 de febrero del 2014, bajo el sello Zafiro de editorial Planeta.
Publicó la novela ENTRE EL VALLE Y LAS SOMBRAS en la plataforma de Amazon el 25 de mayo del 2014 ocupando enseguida los primeros lugares en la categoría de Best Sellers en Romántica Contemporánea y permaneciendo más de 90 días en el top 100 general.
Publicó la novela HERMOSA LOCURA libro #1 de la serie Un amor para siempre el 25 de febrero del 2015, convirtiéndose en Best Sellers desde ese día y permaneciendo en el top 100 de dicha plataforma por varios meses.
Publicó la novela PERDIDO EN TU PIEL en la plataforma de Amazon el 23 de agosto del 2015, convirtiéndose en Best Sellers desde el mismo día de su publicación y manteniéndose en los primeros lugares durante más de treinta días.
Participa de forma activa en las redes sociales y tiene un blog en el que da su opinión sobre literatura romántica.


Cuenta Twitter es:@Isacrisacu .
Página de Facebook es:

Y su nueva novela:

Perdido en tu piel de Isabel Acuña
Perdido en tu piel de Isabel Acuña

Perdido en tu piel de Isabel Acuña. Serie ‘Un amor para siempre’

Michael Donelly y Lori Stuart, se encuentran después de siete años de tomar rumbos separados. Sobre ellos pesa una noche que le cambió la vida a Lori y de la cual Mike no recuerda nada. Inmersos en un proyecto laboral, Mike no entiende la animosidad de la que considera su amiga. Lori teme volver a caer en la profunda atracción que sintió por él.

Secretos, desconfianza, resentimientos y dudas entrarán en pugna con el amor y la pasión en esta nueva intensa historia, que nos enseña que superar el pasado y aprender a vivir con las heridas es la única manera de abrirle la puerta al amor.

De la autora de De vuelta a tu amor, Entre el valle y las sombras y Hermosa locura llega la segunda entrega de la serie Un amor para siempre, Perdido en tu piel. Una historia llena de sentimientos.

La novela tiene muy buenas reseñas. Aquí os dejo una como muestra:

5.0 out of 5 starsMágica

By Fabiana Peralta on September 4, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Una novela, fresca, actual, que no se aleja de la realidad, que trata temas importantes de manera muy sencilla, pero no por eso resulta intrascendente todo lo que les ocurre a los protagonistas.
Perdido en tu piel, es una novela que desde las primeras páginas te engancha y no puedes parar.
Lori, a pesar de ser más joven le enseña a Mike a confiar, a entregarse, a abrir su corazón. Me encantó la forma en que los protagonistas resuelven sus conflictos.
Un amor, que transciende en el tiempo, y que no se amilana a los sacrificios.
Me declaro fiel admiradora de la prosa de Isabel Acuña, una autora que nunca defrauda.
Felicidades por éste nuevo éxito!!!!
Recomendada 100%

Por si acaso necesitáis convenceros más, aquí podéis echarle un vistazo:

Y como ésta es la segunda novela en la serie, no pude resistirme a compartir la primera:

Hermosa locura de Isabel Acuña
Hermosa locura de Isabel Acuña

Hermosa Locura de Isabel Acuña. Serie ‘Un amor para siempre’

Julia Lowell y Nick de la Cruz, jóvenes y exitosos estudiantes de dos de las principales universidades de California, tenían un mundo de sueños por cumplir. Cuando el amor llega a sus vidas los sumerge en un apasionado romance. Un terrible malentendido se les cruza en el camino y los llevará por rumbos distintos.
Siete años después, vuelven a encontrarse. Julia se desempeña como jefe de recursos humanos de una importante empresa y Nick es un incipiente empresario en el mundo de la hotelería. A pesar del tiempo transcurrido, la atracción flota entre ellos una vez más. Las cosas no son como antes, ella está comprometida para casarse. Nick, hombre apasionado y acostumbrado a salirse con la suya, está dispuesto a recuperar a Julia a cualquier precio. Forzados a compartir tiempo por asuntos laborales, tendrán que enfrentar el pasado y el presente. A pesar de que ninguno de los dos ha olvidado su historia de amor, las dudas y el resentimiento no les harán las cosas fáciles. ¿Les brindará el amor una nueva oportunidad?
De la autora de De vuelta a tu amor y Entre el valle y las sombras, llega esta nueva historia de pasiones, contradicciones, erotismo y mucho amor.

Si queréis echarle un vistazo:

Muchas gracias a Isabel por ayudarnos a soñar con estas dos novelas, gracias a vosotros por leer, y ya sabéis, dadle al me gusta, comentad, compartid y haced CLIC!

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