So close!

Hi all:

If you’ve read my recent posts you will know that my summer didn’t go exactly according to plan and I’ve ended up spending some time at my parents. They have had the luck (?) of having some improvement works going on in front of their apartment. To be honest it’s never been a quiet place, with the train and underground (at that point overground) passing by in front of their window and a big road (the Cinturón de Ronda, a circular road going to the outskirts and the beach) under, but over the years most of these were covered.

This works seem to be taking forever, and although not quite as long as the Sagrada Familia, sometimes they feel like it. I’m not sure if it was divine intervention, but a few weeks ago, a lorry fell from the upper level (on top of the railway line, a road not open yet, only used for the building works so far) onto the works, and nobody was hurt. I leave you some pictures:






Thanks for reading and you know what to do, share, like, comment and be very, very careful! And cross your fingers the works are completed without any more incidents!

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